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My resolution is to be less obsessed with being neat and clean.
Or something else.
Oh, look! Claire forgot her glasses!
And she's gonna be really needing these
to keep an eye on that boyfriend,
who, from I hear,
needs to keep his stapler in his desk drawer,
if you know what I'm talking about.
Hey Rach, maybe your resolution should be
to, umm, gossip less.
I don't gossip!
Well, maybe sometimes I find out things
or I hear something and I pass that information on
y'know kinda like a public service,
it doesn't mean I'm a gossip.
I mean, would you call Ted Kopel a gossip?
Well if Ted Kopel talked about
his coworkers botched boob jobs, yeah, I would.
What? They were like this!
All right. Ok. Fine-fine.
My new year's resolution will be not to gossip!
It's easy.
You have never kept a resolution.
Yes, I have!
Ok, let's see how you did last year...
No-no. Not my diary.
No-you cannot read my diary.
"Dear Diary, I am so excited.
"My resolution is to write in you every day.
I'll see you tomorrow."
Well...you know...not a lot happened last year.
All right-all right I'll prove to you
that I can keep it this time.
No more gossiping!!
I hate gossip.
In junior high, this girl said
a lot of mean stuff about me, and I set her bike on fire.
Oh, what did she say about you?
She said I was crazy.
Well I guess she got hers.
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Friends The One With All The Resolutions - uncut scene

189824 Folder Collection
Christine Wang published on February 28, 2016    Bonjour translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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