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  • it's a question were often asked on top gear.

  • Don't come.

  • What is the world's best off?

  • Rhoda?

  • Well, there's the Land Rover defender.

  • There's the Land Rover Discovery.

  • There's Lamb Rovers basically.

  • But as I found out today, there is another way and it's cooled.

  • The Suzuki Ignace.

  • I should probably explain why it's in the Top gear Car Park.

  • It's that's part of a film that stars Rory in Sabine.

  • Their mission is to get to the top of a hill in Scotland.

  • Come on, Ignace.

  • Now this hill is only two feet short of actually being classified the mountains.

  • So the idea is to scramble to the top, build two feet's worth of rubble and name it.

  • Well, whatever they want to name it, basically.

  • But Top Gear gets its own mountain.

  • That's the idea back to the car we know and love the bigness.

  • It's such a cool little mini pseudo SUV thing.

  • The inspiration behind this car, weirdly, is sitting over there.

  • It's a blue thing called the Whisk.

  • It It's a cake are from the seventies is actually a rear engine, rear wheel drive sort of mini coop a thing.

  • But look, if your inspiration comes from that.

  • This calls all right with me back to the modifications, because this thing needed off road prowess.

  • It needed to get to the top of that hill and at the front winch, a tow hook, simple stuff.

  • This really simple Dunlop sport Max tires bit more tread bit more with steel wheels.

  • I stand by the fact that every single car in the universe looks better on steel wheels.

  • Every frank, of course, for that ultimate rugged look and more wheels, I think they were planning on getting quite a few poachers on on.

  • Yes, just some scratches and dents dotted around the place.

  • But there is some consumer advice coming up because this thing to buy new is, what, 14 15 grand.

  • Pretty much all these bits you could get in your local health foods compared to a Land Rover, this thing is gonna cost you pennies.

  • So save tens of thousands of pounds by Land Rover.

it's a question were often asked on top gear.

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