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We're just flying through space and time and the Judoon warning sent down to Vlasta.
Just do morning transmission.
Cheech, do you just signed up to shut us up?
Dangerous intergalactic police for hire notice of a zonal enforcement field on Earth.
No one can get in or out over, say, the doctor straight on that follows it, having been told very clearly from the to do morning that it's gonna be under their jurisdiction.
But that isn't allowed no often that if I can match its hardest, this rotation to the frequency of the enforcement feels refresh rate.
I might just might be able to slip us in before anyone gets killed for yourself over the police trigger happy Joe Jr on Earth because they'd be contracted to find and locate and return a fugitive.
Yeah, they've honed in on Gloucester and a particular area of Gloucester, and they're now coming down to locate and take that fugitive away.
Fugitive house unit Located prepared.
I fell a toffee.
Do you have a temporal isolator locked onto the flattened that's goingto both freeze time and destroy?
A lot of people in the process hints when the Doctor Ryan, in years have to intervene.
I hope you've got a permit for that.
Your imperial regulatory?
Yes, and there's plenty here to regulate from their language on their officious nous on there.
And you know, there's this sense of playing everything by the book.
They are ripe for humor.
They very much abide by the rules.
Eso enables the doctor thio out with them.
Mr Must be Fulfilled by the contracted truth.
Joon Engagement Article 163 article is overridden by local Earth Law 12 which clearly states that any potential arrestee is entitled to arbitration with 1/3 party.
Isn't that correct?
Liaison officer can absolutely correct 100% Rule 12 Massive, I think when we're looking at serious, too.
There was always a no idea that it would be nice to start to maybe bring back some old favorites as well.
Some old monster, some old friends and foes.
I love the job because they're they're both incredibly threatening, and also there are a lot of fun as well you can, part of which is downtown poor cases bringing performance and the incredible animatronic designed by millennium animatronic.
So you know somebody at the side he's moving it like little machine.
And what else is saying?
The words You do your lines to the Judoon but the off lines air coming from the person towards the other side of the set, controlling it.
But you just want to turn because it doesn't actually like.
Yes, I want to work with you.
To deliver my luck in the new.
So I found that quite challenging.
So that took a bit of getting used to.
I did keep doing that and then realize that was supposed be looking at the camera.
Fugitive is highly dangerous.
Precautions must be taken.
That weapon not here.
It looks absolutely brilliant.
It's a wonderful opportunity to bring back a much loved monster.
Just worked really, really well, their single minded, their violent.
They're also a bit clumsy and a bit stupid.
So it's a great combination.
They're great creation velocity Davis.
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Judoon Law 101 | Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who | Sundays at 8pm | BBC America

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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