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  • and it's actually the both of you have obviously published books onto your own names.

  • But you're in this together so practically.

  • How did it work?

  • Are you on other sides of a desk or use their partner desk?

  • No, she she's in her apartment.

  • I'm in my house, and you know, we started off with long, long lists of hundreds of women that we both admire and are inspired by.

  • And then we had to keep cutting it down and finally got to the 103 that are in the book.

  • But it was it was a joy to work with her because we are.

  • We're on the same wavelength in terms of what we wanted to say and the kinds of people we wanted to write about.

  • I think Chelsea would probably tell you that it was a little more challenging of a process for her than it was for me.

  • Okay, is that what you did?

  • More of it?

  • So I knew that my mother wrote longhand because I had read previous kind of early book drafts of her prior books.

  • But I didn't understand what that would mean for our collaboration together until we really kind of got into working together.

  • I guess I should say I type on a computer because it's 2019 would, you know, write a draft of a woman and save it and send it to her?

  • And then my mother would kind of send me her drafts of the women whose bag thing she'd been working on.

  • But the way that I would receive those would be kind of single pages sent in a photograph so she would take a picture of, say, like, Page One of Harriet Tubman, and send that in one email.

  • And then she would take a picture of, like page two of Harriet Tubman inside second email.

  • So arguably I worked more because it took a while to figure out how to decipher all of her handwriting.

  • Figure out because this is how to unlock all the attached.

  • Oh, you think eyes this.

  • Really?

  • Yes.

  • So great.

  • 10.

  • A Means of rights lawyer.

  • A photograph is overwhelming.

  • Love.

  • Yeah, it's totally legible, really namely mainly legible.

  • That doesn't look that allegedly I am just of that generation where I think better when I write in longhand and you know I do know other authors who write longhand.

  • This is her main defense, the beginning of the 20th century.

  • First thing.

  • No sympathy.

  • But what she really wanted to tell you, Graham, is Who else writes longhand?

  • Who else write longhand?

  • Mom.

  • Well, I think Margaret Atwood writes longhand.

  • Oko Barack Obama writes long.

  • Okay, I mean, I could go on and on.

  • Geoffrey Chaucer Toe Miss An all new episode of The Graham Norton Show, Fridays at 11 on Catch Up now.

and it's actually the both of you have obviously published books onto your own names.

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