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I am a very at home in animals in Scotland.
Do you own sheep?
A new commune with sheep.
Putting it too strongly.
I walk through the sheep field.
You ever walked amongst the shouting at them, but yeah, but everything with a stream.
Uh huh.
Usually is okay.
I've never told you this, but no, please.
Sometime back, we have a bottom of the sheep field.
There's there's a pond where I wash and there's a sorter would find Saunders.
So we go down there and get in this order.
But in the summer, I walk to and from with nothing on, much like the sheep.
Yeah, they're pulled.
Obviously, just 11 night that there was a hot summer, there was a kind of real thundering on the door of our of our place, and it's miles away from anywhere.
So I thought, Well, God.
The man in the mask is coming to take away on.
I was there on my own with my little daughter, who was little then in little nightie on we went downstairs and opened the doors of massive and three good looking policeman outside.
Who said I'm so sorry to interrupt your evening, Mrs Thompson.
But, Tim, we've had reports of an intruder on your land in and on your field.
And I said, Really God.
When was it?
What was?
Sometime this afternoon?
Women was walking a dog and she saw a 52 year old man coming naked up through the thief.
Which point?
Which one?
I thought, OK, something has happened.
Or my boobs dropped so low that from a distance they read Is testicle so embarrassed with this?
Because the police were so lovely, I nearly whipped up.
Honestly, it's not that bad.
So Miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton show, Fridays at 11 on catch Up now.
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Emma Thompson’s Got the Cops Called on Her | The Graham Norton Show | Friday @ 11pm | BBC America

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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