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What is about?
Is that the edge?
It all looks the same orange directing them to join together besides coolness.
I asked you, you may.
Oh, What is that?
Is that the edge?
What is it about that?
Don't go like that, does it?
Come on, Stop being stupid.
Now move!
It's okay.
Come down.
Just a game.
No hope being difficult now.
You know what?
In my defense, I didn't have enough time to look at the picture.
I mean, it all looks the same.
It all looks the same.
No, you don't.
Almost that.
Why is it still fits?
There's a bit.
There's a whole bit missing.
No, he's only a lot sugar.
Get really confused.
I don't know what wrong.
That don't make sense to me.
Oh, yeah, Really?
An eye and all That looks the same.
I've definitely been She didn't yet.
Did I lose to me?
But she's gone.
Play with puzzles.
Place guys.
This is some stupid positive.
You put the wrong pieces in the right piece.
She's good.
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Jodie Vs. Mandip Vs. Tosin | Doctor Who | Sundays at 8/7c | BBC America

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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