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on in terms of others is the story about Graceland.
Uh, they rating Graceland.
Yeah, Well, when I was still alive, it was 1975 and we were in Memphis, and Stephen and I want to go to an all night diner around 3 a.m. We got in a taxi, the taxi cabs.
You having this one right out by opens his house.
You're always lose.
Take us there.
Right now.
A taxi driver took us to Graceland and I got out.
I saw there was some lights on in the house because you could see the house wasn't far.
Gates were locked.
The stone wall.
I took it, Steve.
I said, Steve, I'm going in.
And the taxi driver said, Hey, man, I'm going to go in there.
They got big dogs over there.
Don't go over that wall, I said.
Well, once the opportunity gonna come again, Jumped over the wall, ran up the drive, got to the front door.
I was just about to knock on the front door and a security guy came out of the bushes.
He said, Can I help you on a very casually I said Yes.
Is Elvis's Elvis here?
Well, helpless is in Las Vegas.
Okay, well, can you tell him I generally don't like to do this, but that Bruce Springsteen was here?
Hey, may not know who that is, but I was just on the cover of Time and Newsweek for you young folks.
They were magazines thing.
Yeah, and and And could you tell me I'll I'll tell Elvis and he came down and walked me out?
Let me out!
That's as close as I ever got.
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Springsteen Broke Into Graceland | The Graham Norton Show | Friday at 11pm | BBC America

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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