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Do you still consider yourself, Ah, politician or you Morva Conover, an activist or an advocate?
Now we're actually a hate politics.
I never I never even when I was governor never considered myself a politician.
All right, I always considered myself a public servant.
And because to me the most important thing is not to be ah, so tied up in politics.
But morbid policy create policy that helps the people in that makes life easier for the people so they can get jobs, get more money, have health care in order kind of things that government is responsible for creating and to bring both off the parties together be of two party system, the Democrats and Republicans.
I was always a Republican, so I want to make sure that they work with the Democrats and never saw them as the enemy.
Like they're doing politics in the way they fight amongst each other and can get anything done like this happening right now.
I think in England that's happening in America.
It's happening in a lot of countries, and I think it really doesn't serve the people well.
So to me, being a public servant, another party servant is much more important.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hates Politics | The Graham Norton Show | Friday at 11pm | BBC America

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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