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Hey guys, it's JR
Today is yet another heart-to-heart video
Just wanna sit back, relax and chill. And chit chat with you guys about what's been going on lately
I'm gonna share some of my recent thoughts with you
I also want to lay stress on the significance of having purpose in life
And that is something that I have been putting a lot of thought into recently
So to be straight with you guys, this week I was kind of out of passion to make another video
kind of reluctant to turn on the camera and put on a smile
Not that I've lost passionate in all it's just that...
Specifically for the past few weeks, I've been a little bit out of juice
No worries, we're still doing this anyways, right?
There's been a lot of stuff going on
Lots of work, lots of projects on hand
which is good for business so...
shouldn't be complaining about that
Been hearing a lot of voices from lots of people, lots of distractions
lots of things that didn't turn out the way I supposed it would be
lots of things that went against my will
caught a bad cold, had some bad dreams
got a bad haircut
What would you expect for three dollars though?
So I started wondering, "Man, am I good ?"
"Is everything still on track?"
I bet all of you have had that self-doubting moment in life
which is a natural thing to go through
Especially when you're struggling to keep your head above water
The thing is we often overreact to it
... which is not helpful. And that is the mindset we need to tackle
So I chilled, I took a break from work. I thought deeply
I reflected. I reasoned with myself
And I realized, I am right where I am supposed to be
It just happens that where I am right now is a place where most people are supposed to be striving
This is a place where most people are supposed to be feeling a little bit confused
And that is okay
That is just what happens when people are in the process
To take for example, in the history of the Israelites...
They escaped from Egypt
They crossed the Red Sea, they were headed towards the Promised Land -- the land of their forefathers
And the problem was, lying in front of them was a huge desert
They had to cross the desert to get there
The first generation of Israelites never made it to their destination
Because they were dwelling on all the problems that occurred in the process
Along the way, they were so focused on the problems that they forgot about their promised destination
I myself always encourage people to think big, to dream big
and match those dreams up with big actions
The bigger the dreams, the larger the action it requires
And the larger your actions, the stronger the friction you're gonna get
Sometimes, ironically, I forget about what I preach myself
I'm still learning along the way, too
Stop pointing fingers
The easiest way of life is to not try at all
'Cos by not trying, you get no resistance at all
On the contrary, the harder you try, the tougher the resistance you'll feel
So if you're feeling life is tough...
That means you're going somewhere. That means you're headed towards a better place.
Keep pushing 'cos it's gonna get tougher
That's something I'm trying to preach to myself as much as I'm sharing it with you
The way I see it, there are several reasons why people do not achieve what they've set out for
First, people give up because they get caught up in the hardship
Second, sometimes people simply don't have what it takes, or they simply don't try to learn what it takes
Third, people fail because they don't give their all
And fourth, what I think is pivotal to all above
people forget about their purpose
When we forget about the original intentions we had for why we're doing what we're doing
we allow ourselves to make excuses
Every single obstacle in the way seems to become an easy, reasonable way out
The obstacles you face are not as big as a problem as you think they are
The real problem is up here, in the mind, how you perceive things
Not saying that your problems are trivial , that you should suck it up, you should stop whining...
but if that's the case...
I'm just joking...
I totally agree that reality can be brutal sometimes
I agree!
What I'm saying is... if we have a clear, a vivid vision for life
That motivation turns our complaining, self-pitying, excuse-making mindset into a...
problem-solving, solution-seeking mindset
Keep your eyes on the goal
What you want
And you better want it bad enough, or else I'm gonna spank your butt
Not really... That just came out of nowhere
You should spank your own butt
So all in all, to wrap it up...
Do not forget about your purpose
We all go through rough times. We all have difficulties we need to overcome
But at the end of the day, it is that initial fire within your heart that'll keep you going
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When you feel self-doubt, watch this video...|JRLEE

196 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 26, 2020
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