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Where you are right now… is not the end
You are in the process of something bigger that God has preplanned for you
You might be struggling with your academics, your career
You might feel lost in life
You might be having issues with your friends, your family
All kinds of obstacles getting in your way
Everything caving in on you so fast that you can’t catch your breath
You feel like you’re all alone in this difficult situation
And no one’s out there to toss you a lifeline
You think the things surrounding you, ...
what you see, what you hear, what you feel…. is everything
But it’s not
The present is not the end,
the present is not everything
You are in the process of something bigger...
that you just don’t see yet
You see, ‘cos what God has in plan for you is a secret
God’s will for you is a secret
What God has in His storage house for you... is a secret
If God told you that you’d be a millionaire
You might start counting your eggs before they’re hatched
And if God told you you’d be an outstanding athlete
You might start resting on your laurels
And even if you did manage to keep your act together
If God revealed your secret plan
The dark side would intervene, other people would intervene
and so everything that God has planned out for you would thus be put at stake
So even when you can’t see, you gotta keep that faith
You gotta believe that God has something better in store for you
And the current is just a stepping stone for your future
The present is just a stepping stone for God’s ultimate plan for you
When Peter met Jesus, he never knew what he’d turn out to be
He was a mid-aged fisherman fretting over his family’s next meal
However, he became a saint in the history of Christ
We talked about his story in a previous video
I’ll put the link in the information box below or probably up here
Just like Peter, you gotta follow God’s lead...
every single day, every hour, every minute of your life
Whenever you feel lost or uncertain,
remind yourself to look up and ask Big guy above
‘Cos only God knows every single detail about you
Only God knows every single detail about your future plan
Always remember... you are in the process
What you’re going through now is not your everything
What you’re going through now… is not the end
You are in the process of God’s ultimate plan
God bless you
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You are in the Process of Something Bigger|A Little Faith

167 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 26, 2020
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