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once do whatsoever whatever and whichever mean.
That's what my roof in Bangladesh wants to know.
And that's what we're talking about in this learners question.
Okay, off you go.
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Okay, as a general overview, adding ever to the words who, when, where, how, what and which basically gives them one of two meanings.
It's either any who, when, where, how, what in which it all or it doesn't matter who, when, where, how water in which, however, these words are used in lots and lots of different ways, and this is just a brief overview.
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So in the context of any it all whatever can mean anything and everything.
For example, I can eat whatever I like, and I don't put on weight, however, with whichever it can mean any of the available options.
For example, whichever team wins, it's still going to be a great football match.
Now, in the context off, it doesn't matter.
Whatever can mean it doesn't matter what, For example, whatever weather comes, we're going to the party.
However, whichever means it doesn't matter which.
So the journey takes an hour whichever way you go.
And in this way, whatever and whichever are commonly used as short answers.
For example, what do you want for dinner?
Oh, whatever.
Do you want tea or coffee?
Okay, let's stop for a second.
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Whatever can also be used in two other interesting ways.
First of all, it can be used to show contempt and rebellion, and this is very common with parents and their teenage sons and daughters, for example, Now you listen to me, young man, whatever.
It can also be used as a form of emphasis instead of what?
So not what are you doing?
But whatever are you doing?
Finally, let's talk about what so ever now, in a very old fashioned and mostly unused way whatsoever, means the same as whatever.
However, more commonly it is used as an adverb at the end of a negative sentence to give emphasis, we talk about nothing whatsoever, none whatsoever or no whatsoever.
For example, this video is the best off that I have no doubts whatsoever.
Thank you for your question, Maruf.
I hope you found the explanation interesting and useful.
If you have a question for learners questions, you can email us on learning dot English at BBC dot co dot UK.
And don't forget immediately after this, there's a summary slide with all the information that I've covered in this video, so make sure to check it out.
I'll see you next time on learners.
Bye, guys.
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Whatever, whichever or whatsoever? - Learners' Questions

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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