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we got there, I'm gonna jersey autographed by Lou Gary.
How big was Gary?
That looks like a good fit.
Big boss's leg.
I came to the pawn shop today to try and sell my Lou Gehrig signed Jersey.
Well, Luke is one of the most famous baseball players back in his day, but stitched.
It's ripped in a few places and stuff.
But yes, but assigned by Lou Gehrig.
How'd you come across this man?
Some guy's back in Arkansas.
It's local.
Farmers were in their seventies, so they decided to sell off their sports memorabilia.
This was probably a high school jersey, maybe college.
It probably had a patch at one time here where it's torn off.
It's been someone's terrible times.
That's the way they did back in the day.
They just kept using the same jersey over and over, so it's been used quite a bit.
I don't know if I could prove that he ever put it on, Believe me, probably 100 grand out of it without even blinking an eye.
Anything from the Yankees is highly collectible and a signed jersey by one of the biggest baseball stars in history.
I mean, this thing could go through the roof.
One several World Series.
The most famous, probably with murderers row group would be 1927 team with Babe Ruth, right?
He was kind of overshadowed by Big Babe Ruth.
Signed a lot more stuff than he did.
So is really very collectible because, hey, signed very few items.
And this is like, the only jersey I've ever seen that he signed any paperwork or anything with it.
Yeah, I've got to actually three certificates of authenticity with Really?
All right, well, give me an idea how much money you're looking to get out of it.
Well, I'd like to get, uh, 10 out of it.
Like for my man trouble here to grow a brain, But it's gonna before I drop a bunch of money on a jersey.
Generally kind of leery of sports collectibles.
Let me call my dad up, see if he wants to come down, take a look at it.
And what kind of go from there?
All right.
Let me get my call.
The sports world's full of fake merchandise, So I got a call on someone who's literally seen it all and that person is my dad.
What you think?
Um, is this framed up like this when you got it?
No, it was not.
So you framed it up?
Is there anything on the other side of jersey?
Says, uh, Marshfield High School team Jersey or something?
Jersey I've ever seen.
Signed from where it's signed.
Imagine some kids that could just sign my jersey And that number.
Um, any, Any paperwork?
Yeah, I've had it certified by a year, which is here, locally in Las Vegas.
And then I sent it out to an auction in Pennsylvania.
And then I had a certified again by steps, which is another sports authenticator.
Everything looks legit to me.
It looks really you look up online.
Lou Gehrig's second she's going for.
I got an idea because it's not another Yankees jersey.
I know.
All right.
Don't spend too much my money when it comes to sports memorabilia.
It's all about having the correct paperwork.
And not only does this guy have one certificate of authenticity, he's got three from three very reputable companies.
I know this jersey's legit, and I know it's gonna be worth a lot of money, So give me a realistic idea of what you're looking to get out of it.
I guess I take seven so are not free about to, um, seeing as how we're gonna sell this thing for a profit, right?
Two's way too low I can do to, um it's a hell of a piece.
And I'd love to have it in here.
You're just gonna have to work with me a little bit more.
I mean, um, really do it our breakingly for five, and I'm really scared to do it, but I'll go up to three.
But honest to God, that's really the best.
I'm gonna do it.
I will tell you, I really, really, really don't want to do it at three.
But with the economy, the way it is and needing the money, I'll let it go.
It's getting paperwork.
All right.
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Pawn Stars: LOWBALL OFFER for Lou Gehrig Signed Baseball Jersey (Season 2) | History

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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