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in various Native American traditions.
We have different spiritually beings located on these sort of different planes of existence.
And there's ah, wonderful range of stories in many, many Native American groups that talk about some of the adventures and interactions with the sky people with the humans on Earth.
For the Blackfoot, most prominent of these guy beings is the one they credit with their creation, not be creator got off.
The Blackfoot is called Not Be, and in this petrol, if he can be seen what appears to be inside of a disc, and he's very strange looking because he's got four fingers he's got sort of an elongated skull black but tow a really interesting creation myth about nappy.
They tell how he came to Earth and created various animals and other creatures.
And then one day he decided to form a living human being out of clay.
And then he goes and leaves the Blackfoot alone.
But he promises that he is going to return.
The Blackfoot regard Na'vi not as mythological but as a real being who descended from the heavens.
So the star people in May of American traditions are beings who came from the cosmos tool, the arts of civilisation, agriculture, medicine, healing on.
They bought maps of the cosmos to Earth.
Throughout, especially the western part of America.
We find Petra glitter rock art that portrays what appear to be star beings.
People can look at this art say That's a depiction of an extraterrestrial.
And this is one way that the First Nations people recorded their interactions with the star people.
Could this petroglyph of na p b a depiction of a being that the ancient Blackfoot encountered coming down from this guy and Mike this provide further evidence that the local indigenous populations were visited by extraterrestrials?
Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and believe the Badlands guardian may reveal how the ancients communicated with these otherworldly visitors.
Now the headdress that he wears is called a medicine hat, which it's not a chief's regalia that you would see with all the feathers going down.
Chief of where what a medicine Hat entails is it incorporates the tail feathers of an eagle and these air normally worn by the medicine man with medicine.
Man, this is a wisdom figure.
It's a combination of professor, doctor and priest told one person, had is what we tend to call a headdress.
The Chamonix ceremonial leader uses that to make contact with invisible dimensions, often thought of his upper worlds, in which contact is made with spirits, God's energy.
That is beyond our understanding.
The fact that he's wearing a medicine hat that acts as a antenna tells us that this is a figure who was in communication with otherworldly beings, maybe even the star people.
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Ancient Aliens: NAPI: The Native American Sky God (Season 14) | History

35 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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