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Is it a parallel universe where you're hosting?
Meet the press.
I think there should be, But they'd be like in that Star Trek episode.
Whenever there's a parallel universe, the people in the other universe have little goatees.
Like Spot has a goatee, and, um, you know, everyone has a slight difference.
So I think it's a parallel universe where I host meet the press, but I have a little goatee and slightly evil eyebrows.
You're going to be an answer about your political Proclivities and why, actually, you know?
You could have pursued that route.
And, you know, if you could only go back, but no.
Instead, you have a goatee and different eyebrows.
Yeah, we're not gonna waste your time with, uh, you know, let me give a curiosity about that stuff in a way that would ideo I have a lot of curiosity.
I mean, I I think you and I are both curious souls.
I think you've asked me as many questions today as I've asked you.
Most people are content to let me do all the questioning, right?
Uh, you, um you are a curious man.
I'm a curious man.
I think it's an alternate universe where you and I have like ah ah ah, Very sophisticated.
Like Huntley Brinkley is a very old reference kids, But look it up kind of show there.
You and I are dissecting the national discourse every night, and people really admire us, right?
But then you're vaguely aware that you have a big movie career in another universe and you're pretty pumped about that.
You're but you're pissed that you're not in there, that I'm not in that one.
But this goatee.
And you have a weird goatee.
Yeah, and I'm actually ah, happy that I'm in the universe, Simon, But I'm getting a break from my family's his fascinate.
We're both aware of our parallel lives, but one person is happy to be in this other situation, and the other person laments the fact that they're in this body.
I'm happy that I'm in the other universe because my cholesterol is slightly lower there too, Right?
Right, right.
You know, my cholesterol is like a solid 1 30 right?
It's and then in the universe where I'm Conan O'Brien, the talk show host comedian.
It's pushing 200 right, Right.
My hair does better in humidity in the other body.
Again, were you and I to take a long car trip?
I think I think they'd be a few hours.
Where were the closest of friends?
And then I think as we start to get out to the Badlands, you think we'd make it to the Badlands?
Yes, I'm flattered.
Thank you.
Ah, we get to the badlands.
I think I would contrive a way.
What are we going?
West to east or East?
East west is how I would want you cluttering.
Thank you.
Yeah, we get all the way to the badlands.
I'm sorry.
The Badlands of Massachusetts.
Oh, got it.
Got it.
Got it?
There's a visit to desert areas.
It's about area Western Massachusetts.
Yeah, it's just not a good neighborhood.
Yeah, but anyway, I think, uh, yeah, I think I might contrive a way to, ah, to lure you into the woods and thanks.
Try and end.
You sure?
Sure, Sure, Sure.
I think you'd win, but I'd bite your a biter.
Ah, it's kind of silly, but if we get one thing out of this.
I would love to have your address.
Not here on the air.
But you are a Ah, you're a a great fellow.
I have a lot of admiration for you.
And I would like to occasionally write you a stupid note.
Oh, thank you.
So if that happened, I will shred it.
Ah, you will.
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Listen To Jesse Eisenberg On "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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