B1 Intermediate 20 Folder Collection
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Yeah, right don't like what is this
Where didn't get this saved up a lot allowances, I might have done some heavy lifting but it was to keep my friend
Freddie no, don't you know blow the breaker. Don't don't don't go cheap on
Ya, we fix the electricity problems
Yeah, we sorta know an electrician. Well a couple of them actually
People can surprise you. Sometimes if you give him a chance
Can't go to prom like this. I'm a monster are we really watching and enjoying this?
Because I've personally feel like I'm in prison
Don't be so dramatic
You don't you should tell it to the hot teen Frankenstein wants to go to the prom so bad you guys
What are you doing in front of the TV? It's a beautiful day out
You never liked our tins, oh no, I loved him
We are reporting on a hostage situation, right
Go back one foot
According to sources close to the scene an armed man has taken people hostage on the second floor of that building
The situation is considered active police say the man is wearing body armor and should be considered extremely dangerous
No, I think we just found something you can agree on we are following it closely though. We're gonna go for the outside now
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Alternate Ending: Family Beats | Shazam! [Deleted Scene]

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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