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  • let me start with a few questions, so please raise your hand if you or your spouse cook dinner at home every evening.

  • All right, I've seen better.

  • Now please raise your hand.

  • If you're watching cooking shows on television, I have not seen better.

  • Does it help you put a meal on the table?

  • Probably not.

  • We all lost our ability to do with our grandmothers or previous generation were able to do.

  • Break a chicken into eight.

  • Make a sausage from scratch.

  • Preserve food for the winter without taking a cooking class.

  • Today we live in a paradox.

  • We want to cook.

  • We want to be creative in the kitchen, but the majority of us don't have the skill or too frightened to try the risk off.

  • Messing Dinner can be high.

  • Let's face it.

  • Who doesn't read the moment when their key pushes the plate away, making a face at the dinner table?

  • No other living creature cooks.

  • If you think about it, Cooking or the ability to cook is what defines us as human beings.

  • My point is there is a gap because we lost the lifeline to the kitchen.

  • I left my path to be a restaurant chef because I'm passionate about helping recreate this lifeline.

  • I'm the Unilever corporate chef.

  • It's a big fat title.

  • I get to help 90 million households in the United States cook for the families.

  • My role has nothing to do with cooking for our executives.

  • Some things.

  • Oh, however, my role has everything to do with bringing insights to the business, bringing ideas to life, making them products, creating recipes that one might find at the back of the pack.

  • Or on our website, foolproof recipes that enable and inspire people to put tasty meals on the table.

  • When you go to a restaurant, you go to eat the chef's creation, their interpretation of food, their vision off culinary in my role, what I do my consumer, my end user, whom I usually for to Sheila from Des Moines is at the heart off.

  • Everything we do.

  • She's a mom just like me who juggles two or three kids with homework play dates after school activities, household chores.

  • But it's very important for her to bring a family back to the table because this is our quality time, and she needs to do it on a tight budget However, to truly make a sustainable change, we need to understand the bigger context we operate in our society is growing and changing.

  • 2020 60% of the world's population will believing in cities or nearby suburbs.

  • This will change the food supply chain as we know it.

  • Water scarcity, climate change, growing demand for food all gone.

  • Apply pressure to our food systems form soil toe plate as it is, 40% of our agricultural land is severely degraded.

  • Prices of basic fruits and vegetables are already expected to go up 15 to 20% next year.

  • And just as another example, the drought conditions in California or Brazil, two of the biggest agriculture producers in the world, are not expected to change in the next three years.

  • So something has got to change.

  • Never in a 1,000,000 years did I think I'll be a chef working for a big corporation.

  • I'm the cliche of the key to spend time with a parent in the kitchen the clich?

  • L the kid who went with her mom to the farmer's market to buy the ripe but firm tomatoes or the oh so smell so good Peaches.

  • I was also lucky I got to travel the world as a kid, and everywhere I went, I wanted to go to a grocery store and see what it is that people put in the shopping cart to wondering why.

  • Yep, I told supermarkets after my Army service, I worked in restaurants to pay for my college education.

  • This is where I realized that my passion for food was more than just a hobby.

  • It was then that I realized what I really, really wanted to do when I grew up.

  • My point is we have to find the path back to the kitchen.

  • My mom, It was not a great cook, but my father Waas.

  • Yet my mom managed to put both lunch and dinner on the table for us every day.

  • In today's reality, off both working parents and the fear of dinner time.

  • This is not an easy task, and I do say fear of dinnertime because where I have the ability to open the fridge and make dinner from whatever is in there, not many people do.

  • So for 30 is a true crunch time.

  • Kids running around 30 minutes to make dinner.

  • What do I have in the fridge, for they have in the pantry, and it needs to be tasted because everybody needs to like it.

  • So in this reality convenience, it's not such a bed.

  • Ward isn't so.

  • Here is what I think.

  • We need to go back to the basics, growing some of what it is that we consume regularly on your windowsill, your rooftop, your garden, and not because this is going to change the world's food demand.

  • But it's gonna give us re appreciation for taste.

  • And taste is a powerful thing.

  • We also need to learn how to utilize leftovers being ingredients or dishes and not throw them away.

  • And we need to master a few very basic cooking skills.

  • Those are small steps, yes, but they have a big, big impact.

  • And this will lead to us owning the kitchen again on the chef because I love cooking for others.

  • I do what I do now because I want to make a big difference.

  • Food is more than a necessity.

  • Food is personal.

  • It's cultural.

  • It's an anchor to our memories.

  • It's a connector.

  • This is how I feel about food, and this is what I aspire to share with others.

  • my relationship with food started as a one night stand.

  • Good one ended up in a happy marriage.

  • Excuse.

  • My husband was in the crowd, Uh, and just like any good evolving relationship, I was able to change my path and so changed my perspective.

  • It's my honor, Toby.

  • A part of the solution influencing how and what people eat every day and making sure that sustainability is a bright part off everyone's future.

  • Thank you.

let me start with a few questions, so please raise your hand if you or your spouse cook dinner at home every evening.

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Einav Gefen: Owning the kitchen again

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