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  • FREDDY Tentacle extention, sonar scrinium

  • combat tenticles,

  • BILLY Did you just name two seperate tenticle powers?

  • - Oh no, they're very different.

  • X-ray vision, multi-directional vision, ectoplasmic vision

  • ice breath, acid blood, duplicating powers

  • recreation, computer interfacing, laser legs

  • projectile vomiting

  • holographic projection powers, levitation powers

  • inner beast, outer beast

  • - What about laser eyes?

  • - Laseryou mean like, heat vision?

  • - Oh, no no! I'm saying like what if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes?

  • - Oh, right. That's called heat vision.

  • Regenerative healing

  • - What's that?

  • - It's like if we cut off one of your arms to see if it grows back.

  • - Hard pass.

  • - Camouflaged skin.

  • self-detonation powers

  • - Nonstop talking powers.

  • - Hey, let me out of here, c'mon!

  • I have to pee!

  • - Yeah, go for it! You got a whole box!

  • Pick a corner!

  • - Oh, oh! What about a super-smell test!

  • - What is that?

  • - Like a test, but for super smelling abilty.

  • - That's stupid. Wh-what, no one has that thing, what is that thing?

  • - That's not stupid, just because nobody else has that thing

  • doesn't mean I don't have that thing, I could have that thing.

  • - Okay, what do youwhat do we do? What is it?

  • - Well, I think what we need is like a really potent smell first




FREDDY Tentacle extention, sonar scrinium

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