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major news on the Summer Olympics.
They've now been postponed.
India 1.3 billion people, the whole country on lock down and from Italy, another difficult number and images from Spain loved ones.
The dead reportedly left behind.
Here's James Loman.
Death is everywhere in Spain.
This ice rink in Madrid transformed into a morgue, officials taking every possible precaution.
Still, more than 500 died in a day.
Country now seeing a faster infection rate than Italy.
These images, posted on social media show Hospital, overwhelmed on alarm tonight that the bodies of the elderly allying abandoned nursing homes across the country.
The Spanish armed forces finding seniors in extreme and unsanitary conditions, corpses still in their beds in at least four locations.
This woman, desperate for news of her 97 year old mother way, live in anguish, she says.
We've no information whatsoever.
It's an unrelenting spread.
Over 400,000 people now confirmed infected worldwide, up 100,000 since just Saturday, some 85% of new infections from Europe and the United States.
Horrifying toll continues in Italy.
743 more deaths in the last 24 hours, although there is cautious.
Hope the infection rate there is slowly reducing countries, mirroring their national locked down to stem the tide tonight, India attempting the largest ever.
It's 1.3 billion people ordered to stay home for 21 days.
JAPAN Bowing to the inevitable the Olympics is now postponed, possibly until next year.
China, meanwhile, has tonight ended its two months locked down off who Bay Province, where Corona virus first emerged its epicenter.
Wuhan will reopen April 8th, optimistic that it's nightmare is ending.
What's the rest of the world prepares for the worst?
On With talk of the United States back to business as usual by Easter, it's important to remember that China has now taken two months to lift its locked down, and heavy screening will remain in place even in Wuhan.
David James Lawman Reporting from Home tonight, James.
Thank you, Hi, everyone.
George Stephanopoulos Here.
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Italy's infection rate down, but death toll still rising | WNT

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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