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stranded, scrambling and scared.
That is the case for thousands of Americans who are currently stuck abroad and trying to make it back into the United States, and estimated 9000 Americans have been repatriated from 28 countries, according to the latest numbers from the State Department.
But thousands more remain stranded.
We caught up with a few of those people anxiously awaiting help.
My mom and I are travel buddies, and every year we make sure to do international trip together.
This year we planned on going to Antarctica, so we went through Argentina down to the end of the world.
Aishwarya made it safely to Antarctica, came a little over a week ago to visit my grandparents and my family here.
The captain comes over the speaker multiple times a day.
Each time he does that, our stomachs drop, of course, and he lets us know what's going on.
As Faras, the curl princess is concerned.
We found out that our flights have been canceled and we were brought to our hotel where we are now quarantine to our room.
I landed here on a Saturday the next day on a Sunday at 9 p.m. The government announced that they were closing.
Borders have been night that same day, giving Americans only in a three hour window to leave our.
Then our airlines are canceling flights and there were no flights coming out.
It's now cost us $5000 an airfare that we haven't taken.
We currently have lights going out on the 26th but we'd had that same flight going out on the 22nd that was canceled.
Is trying its best.
But as of now, trigger plates are helping here and leave the country to go back.
I'm getting nervous because I am diabetic and so is my husband.
And I want to be sure that we have enough pills until we get on the ship.
We're really working hard to keep ourselves positive in this time.
Help me, Donald.
Yeah, you say please.
Hi, everyone.
George Stephanopoulos Here.
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Thousands of Americans scared and stuck abroad

290 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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