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so as far as we know, this is one of the highest tea shops in the world.
There is a Buddhist and Taoist temple at the very top off mount who are and in the Ching Ling mountains, and the climb is treacherous to get up there and either brew right is optional, but it involves a crossing, a section we have to balance on.
These wouldn't get down.
It's a 7000 foot drop.
Dunning on the other side.
Yeah, you can hire a safety harness if you want for $5 but it's uses, not enforced.
The tea is made from rain, water and mountain springs, and snow melts that they gather.
It's been said to be absolutely surprising.
Funny, great mountains it.
So it's got five peaks that form the shape of a lotus flower, and each peak has a temple on it, and it's beautiful.
Isn't it amazing?
Yeah, it's astonishing.
What is it better than Ray boss over the South African?
Tea is news.
I'm so glad that you said I didn't know how to pronounce that.
I've been calling it Ruby boost for yes.
Still ordering Shi take mushrooms.
You drank the very first cup of tea.
What do you reckon?
Probably in China.
You're absolutely right.
It's China.
Well, it's a Chinese legend.
Who knows was a Chinese emperor in 2737 BC called Shin New, and he's sitting under a tree and his servant was boiling some water and some leaves, apparently from the tree, blew into the water and he thought, I'll have that.
I'm not be boiling oil now.
Come on.
I was watching it.
E living longer.
So, actually, if you go right back there is tea first.
Never was he drinking tea and a cow just went past.
Have a cup of tea tea in the way with your own eyes just going in, you probably can't.
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How did milk first get in tea? ?? | QI: Quite Interesting - BBC Trailers

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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