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I'm Skeet or Ridge.
I'm Marcus Willis.
We are doing a widows, and the 1st 1 is American excess.
So I think they can actually use the word American Express or the title because it's for licensing.
So that that would be American Express.
It is very different than the Black Short.
Five Seasons for the five Next, Rocco Hollis.
I mean, clearly, people addicted the water.
But remember, way have one, All right, we got that one wrong, but it's easy to make it more difficult.
Okay, that's yeah, that's what It's a theater.
Veronica says that Oh, no, it's kisses, right?
That means kiss.
But it isn't at the theater.
It is a theatre like this cinema.
Yeah, I don't give him the Bulldogs.
That's I mean, that's it's clearly an animal shag Chuck Mo.
That's when you need to drink more.
That was kind of God.
Cases in college, a little penicillin.
It was gone and done.
That's the liquor store has allowed it on the front.
Only autograph ever saw.
Joanie Jeralyn Tony.
Five seasons of Howard brought that.
That's right.
Like American excess is the version of the Four Seasons Hotel.
Use the wheels baby Jane.
This means this is how it's gonna be.
Which Cheryl likes to throw that around a lot.
Yeah, she said that to you the other day in the makeup trailer.
His daughter, my daughter calls Veronica me all the time in an excess.
I would say a lot of me, huh?
Like how many times I say Hiram Lodge for boy, Boy, Boy, boy.
Oh, zone.
I don't know anything about the ho zone, I think Skeet Mace, This is That's, like on the south side.
Wasn't really That's outside thing.
The hose.
Oh, no.
Oh, it's a strip club.
Ah, you know what does Hiram Lodge owned that?
Probably probably.
Not much.
You don't know exactly.
Grind him.
I think I know what this is.
You know, Is this Yeah.
You tell me.
You want everyone?
I don't really know what I'm talking about.
I think Betty said this or Jughead said to Betty when they're in the car now, it's gotta be a grinder.
Reference is that like Ryan?
It's like, got it.
I mean, I know the hobo is is it something different here?
Oh, it's Cheryl to Jughead.
right, Savage, Archie, Veronica and Artie.
Come on.
Jingle jangle.
That is a Trader Joe's cookie.
It is a trader Joe's cookie.
I swear.
They got addicted to it in the writer's room.
Yeah, we need something addictive.
Jingle Jingle Jingle.
Yeah, that's the bad drug in Bride of Hobo.
That's gotta be ready.
Red and black, Red and black was at the South side's paper yet I should read more.
I mean, should I read what you reading right now?
Oh, the fountain again?
You know, that came out like 50 years ago.
Did I know the Red Circle warrants Archie's gang?
Archie's gang.
That was something.
The black food I could.
Yeah, but I think higher and put that into Archie's.
Had a little bit like, mostly, he's easily swayed River vixens.
Well, that's up.
That's the group that really, truly the cheerleader since rebels.
Yeah, snake charmer.
Uh, anybody?
That is Penny Peabody.
I like Penny Peabody.
I do to Britain moves, and she's really good.
Uh, sugar man, he was the teacher.
Was neither teacher.
Yeah, who got taken down for selling drugs in South side?
What else is there?
Shook it.
Shook it like, freaked out like Surprised, overwhelmed, shaken.
Taken aback.
I realize I need to dissect the scripts a little morning.
May I know you do what you like this You go.
My line.
Kind of the office.
You go your way out of my life.
My land's bullshit.
I need some work.
Yeah, I had some work.
I'm hoping you'll help me.
I'll help you out, man.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks for the education.
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Riverdale's Mark Consuelos and Skeet Ulrich Teach You Riverdale Slang | Vanity Fair

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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