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  • What's up, guys Over doing well, if you knew the show these because I talk about things that I hate things up just about that.

  • Like, for example, relationship gold.

  • You'll see this all the time.

  • People posting these you pictures of couples in the hashtag relationship.

  • Gold don't have a problem with that, but can someone please tell me why single females are the people with the most relationship gold?

  • You're not even in a relationship.

  • Why did you have relationship gold?

  • That's like me having n b A goals, and the new one is eyebrow gold eyebrow, gold eyebrow gold.

  • How about we get some life goes where those that, since we're talking about eyebrows, what are some of you doing, though?

  • Here's the text of a guy's looking at your eyebrows like what?

  • You've done something wrong.

  • Your eyebrow should just blend into your body.

  • Shouldn't just jump out of your face like to deranged caterpillars on men done something wrong.

  • It's not really a good luck, and whoever came up with the term eyebrows on Fleet, you done something wrong.

  • I thought we were just gonna stop in YOLO.

  • But no we, but introducing random new words.

  • My girls on Fleek who invented the word thought was coming up with these phrases were just taking normal words now and then, subtracting letters and making them words.

  • I have no idea what you mean.

  • It's not that I don't know if it's just me.

  • Well, lately, every time I've been driving, all of the radio stations want to go.

  • A commercial break at the same got started talking.

  • The Onley station.

  • That's not on commercial break is the Christian radio station, which I'm okay with.

  • But, you know, I don't always want to listen to that so that people who carry around gallons of water I don't think there's any reason for anyone to be carrying around a gallon of anything.

  • Is it really that difficult?

  • There's a water fountain in the gym, so why do you have a gallon hat?

  • I'm looking at.

  • The waterfront is right over.

  • There is really only three types of people who should be allowed to care around gallon of water at any time in their life.

  • Professional athletes, bodybuilders and do specs go to the water Fallon, or, like I don't know, carry around a water bottle like normal people do last topic for the day.

  • Let's talk about online dating.

  • A second video about this probably won't wonder what I'm gonna focus on one thing.

  • Girls who have pictures with babies in there.

  • But then, like you'll read the text and it's like the baby's not mine.

  • Why would you take a picture with the baby and and not expect me?

  • Think it's your child?

  • If I have a picture of a dog in my profile, pictures like you should assume that that's my dog.

  • This is your first time or like you're not.

  • You don't really do this a lot about that life.

  • Well, that's all I got for this week.

  • Let's see what you guys are not about that life when it's snowing and every area school gets out except for yours when somebody gets sick and then they hug you and they say they're not sick, but they really are.

  • And then you get sick when it's seven o'clock in all, your roommate's asleep.

  • You have to work a 5 30 in the morning for school.

  • When people come up to me and ask me to teach in the Twerk because I'm black once again, great stuff this week.

  • Guys, make sure Follow me on Twitter and snapped at Scooter McGruder for a chance to feature in the next video.

  • Leave a comment down below.

  • What do you not about that?

  • Life has always new videos over Sunday.

  • Who got most way?

  • Go throw me the alley.

  • Him 80.

  • Are you d are you do that?

  • I'm a I'm a grown man with a grown man.

What's up, guys Over doing well, if you knew the show these because I talk about things that I hate things up just about that.

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