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I have a new job and I'm hit, though, and it's took Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com.
So for today, Still figures show you this easy way off doing meal prep for somber.
Now we know that some bar is like a very personal household household.
The recipe changes that the things I go inside change all the time.
But one thing that's kind of common is vegetables.
A lot of people add vegetables to the summer.
It doesn't matter what they are, but whenever you're ready to make it, you just don't happen to have one thing or the other thing on hand.
And then it's just like, miss out on it for me.
I think the biggest thing is missing One thing you know, you don't want to go to the store to buy that one thing.
You just want to have it ready.
So what we do with sea by whatever's vegetables you wanted your summer just by a little bit of that, prep it up like so, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna just We didn't know zip lock back.
Course they lived.
So let's anything that you're gonna be freezing It's always a good idea to label it.
So you know what it is after a while, and we're gonna go ahead and date it as well.
So I'm gonna divide up the vegetables into four bags.
You could make as many bags as you like and prep as many vegetables as you like.
That's a winter melon.
Now we have a recipe for summer on a website, so check it out.
These are pretty much the vegetables that go in there on some carrots.
17 Nora, and you wanna make sure that you take all the air out the bag there?
Well, the tips I want to give my views to at this is only start to flatten out the vegetables on whatever you're feeding, tracking without entries that facts are nice and then it's not lumpy.
Whenever you do take it out on you want to just maybe off recipe.
You just break it up, break so easily and you just put it in.
So also for whenever you're ready to make a number, you just have to open it up.
Put it all in with the doll on everything.
It's one step.
It's one step.
It saves you time and actually chopping the vegetables.
It saves you the effort of actually having him in your refrigerator at the time And how easy to dump it in your and like you mentioned, you know that if you know, this is a somber, but you may have a recipe that is your family favorite or something that you just constantly use all the time.
And you just need, like, stuff off that even if it's a little bit more, just make them bank.
It's like this.
Keep them ready so that you're not running to the grocery store for you when one character that this is awesome.
So this is gonna back just like this.
It's gonna go into our freezer and ready for us, except maybe somewhere.
So if you like this tip, give it a thumbs up like that will help us out a lot.
And if you have a tip that you want to share with us and all our viewers, please share it at tips that show me the curry dot com t i p s at.
Show me the curry dot com and join us again.
Another Tuesday for another tip.
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Easy Meal Prep Tip | Show Me The Curry | Tip Tuesday - for Sambar

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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