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Hi, I'm Anoushka Shankar, and I'm so excited to be making my debut with the New York Philharmonic in the 2016 17 season.
Way will be playing my father's contraction.
Number two.
Random ana with Dubin They're conducting.
I cannot wait to see you.
Hello, I'm Zubin, later former music director of the New York Philharmonic.
So look forward to coming again in the year 2016 to conduct Ravi Shankar's Concerto for Orchestra, which is called Dragon Model.
After the intermission, she was Great Symphony in C major.
I'm very much looking forward to very lucky in the sense that I'm able to work with this organization.
The New York Philharmonic is one off the very few orchestras in the world where I feel that I can really ask for almost impossible things on they still deliver.
Hi, I'm Madonna Cocina, and I'm very much looking forward to come to New York to single and military by billions.
Hi, I'm Jonathan.
This and I am really excited to be coming to New York Philharmonic in the sixties seventies.
To play to Andrews is the Blind Bannister alongside Beethoven Second Piano Concerto, which is the piece that inspired it.
I'm Joyce DiDonato, and I cannot wait to help ring in the New Year with the New York Philharmonic and Rodgers and Hammerstein.
Absolute jest is a work that celebrates fascination.
An obsession of mine, which is the string quartet music.
This is Nicholas Matter from Babacan.
Whole post concert.
You see here on dhe I want to say how much I'm looking forward to playing the beta reading to Children in November.
In the 16 17 season, with my stroke, even fishing will see you all there looking very much forward.
I mean, old barn Aton.
I'm the Artists Association for New York.
Demonic on This Is My Last Final Year, a CZ artists Association on A sad as that is, I'm very happy to be playing Beethoven's first Piano Concerto on my favorite channels with one of my favorite basically interpreters, very much looking forward to it.
Hi, I'm Julia a doll, and I'm thrilled that next season the New York Philharmonic premiere my viola concerto composed for Cynthia Phelps.
See you then, Stephen.
And I'm really excited to be playing the fifth panel control debate over this season with the new York Philharmonic and Gilbert in here in New York now is great, and I cannot wait to start with the New York Philharmonic.
And it's great players to make music together because that's what it's all about.
My name is Lucia.
Greetings from Vienna State Opera Just before Christmas, I want to express how thrilled I am to be invited to New York for money with a great young violinist.
Justin, I can't perform exciting program on.
Believe me, it is going to be a highlight of my season, looking forward to it all the best.
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Artists of the 2016–17 Season – A Sampling

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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