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All right, So we're here with the bungee car.
The rover Metro 114 s I on one of the producers in the TV show Dave Morgan.
If you haven't seen there's another behind the scenes video which was shot on location for the bungee jump 10 days stars in that as well.
Just to recap, Why did you push Freddie Flintoff offer?
Damn in this car, there's a car over there which might be a bit of a giveaway.
The new aerial atom.
How on earth is that link in with the rover Metro?
Well, that the atoms probably about the fastest way you can get to 60.
Yeah, for 40 50 k when we saw that must be a cheaper way of doing that.
And then we did some calculations with just a maths, and we worked out.
If you chuck a Metro offer down, you go 1/10 of a second faster, literally like 2.8 and then mr 2.7 seconds.
Proper Top gear science experiment.
It's not just messing around, is it talking?
It's really serious education.
When did Freddy's name come pop into your head to be up for that?
Because he's supposed to be.
You know, he's got the evening Evel Knievel helmet, isn't he?
He's the devil.
He's the man that can't be scared.
So you feel Give this one to him.
See how he fares straightaway.
I mean, I think he just expects it now.
Yeah, he just goes, What stupid stuff my doing this week.
That's if there was a car you're gonna choose for a stunt that required high levels of safety instructor integrity.
It wouldn't be this.
How did this car get?
It was mostly we needed a really light car because you can't throw a huge weight off down.
You know, ideally, you want something, you think of things like Land Rovers and things which are built so strong.
But actually there is too heavy because we needed to add quite a lot of strengthening to this, because if you throw off, I'm on a cop car with one and 1/2 mil steel that is just gonna crumpled like a crisp packet.
As soon as you get those forces, you've got seven tons of force pulling through that car.
So you're at the point when it rebounds at the bottom of that appointment rebounds.
You're looking at up to seven times of force here.
So we stripped out there's no engine.
Yeah, there's no suspension.
Yeah, you know, this one go around corners anymore, as I just demonstrated.
And I thought this thing was gonna wobble around and it's actually that's track ready, actually, with that solid suspect completely straight.
So you've got a huge amount of very thick gauge steel inside it straight down the middle.
You've got a central spine that essentially attack chisel the ropes, too, and that takes away the force out of it.
And then Fred is bolted to have to say the spine.
Fred's bolted to the spine.
I get it.
But that's a bit flimsy, isn't it?
That's motor sport approved way.
We'll just go with their regulations.
But if I said it was the right Fred and you get how many M bungee cords did you have to attach five chords, we would be like, This is the amount of force double it.
This is the amount of force double again so that we were super safe.
And if we lose one wrote to write three ropes were still safe, and then you want start scaring the planet.
You're a damn.
That's how I look.
But, I mean, there's a lot of dams in the world, but not a lot of them goes straight down.
Sure, most of them.
If you think of a damn, it's scooped out.
So to try and get a straight down, you're just gonna hit the down.
So we needed one.
So I went back on itself.
There's no, actually that many dams in the world do you want.
So this dam is actually another 60 meters underground.
So it's a full cold cave shape, but the ground is halfway up, so when you stand underneath, it's actually overhangs by about 10 meters.
Then you gotta get on the phone and convince someone that it's a good idea to let him jump off your damn.
So it's been interesting.
First down, we tried, um, some people went up for it, but this time they were just super up for it on, uh, I just think they thought, What do they usually do?
They usually just sit in an office and count the amount of water they've got.
I think they thought this was actually a cool day.
It's something to talk about in the annual newsletter Damn newsletter.
It was a great, great film, thanks very much.
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A Closer Look at Freddie Flintoff’s Bungee Car | Top Gear

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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