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Welcome to show me the carrie dot com on the new GIA.
And today I'm going to take you into my favorite little pawn shop in Google.
It's called the Green Leaf in the Kingdom of Dreams.
Kevin is going to show us how bon is made.
He's gonna tell us a little bit of the industry off and how it came to India.
No, bond is usually had as a digestive.
Ada's months, Krishna.
But be careful.
It can be really, really addictive because we believe.
Did you?
Not me.
Died Ears open border.
Ready that chart.
What is going on?
I potential that.
What time, honey?
This is Look, I see.
And here is what?
He has a mind.
I'm gonna give it.
Had it in one shot that I am is the 5000 year old tradition, and it's, uh, using strong.
So Lessing last, you know, sort of 16 grains of beautifying.
Yes, that's a leaf is using in that story.
No, a place called it not club.
Get the gate spear like mom.
So you tell me what you start.
Get up.
Yes, I'm just body body upon, just like a mouth Russian when you bite into it.
It's, of course, a mouthful, but it's it's just the first off, you know, flavor and the you can taste the glucose, which is the rose rose petals crashed and sugar.
And, of course, a little bit of this.
A body and the cherry and his slick.
You know what party going on in the mouth?
So it's just absolutely fabulous.
Thank you.
The next time you get an opportunity to make sure you try out for yourself, Theo.
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Paan (Betel Leaf) Street - King of Street Food | Show Me The Curry Travel Log

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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