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Oh, what’s up y’all?
This is your Boy D-Trix from theDOMINICshow.
And this video is called, '10 GIRLS GUYS SHOULD AVOID!'
The first ever girl that guy should stay away from is the OVERLY SENSITIVE GIRL.
Check it out!
Okay, I’m ready!
How do I look?
Yeah, you look really nice!
By really nice do you mean I look ugly?
No! I mean you look beautiful!
By beautiful do you mean fat?
No! You look gorgeous!
By gorgeous do you mean you wanna break up with me?
By no do you mean yes? No! I mean yes!
You jerk!
Number two: The girl that wears way too much make-up,
especially when they don’t have to.
Okay, I’m ready for bed.
Number three: The girl that always tries to show up her “goods”.
You know that girl that wear shorts so high
that when she turns around, all you see hanging out is her…
CHEEKS! You have the cutest cheeks!
Wooh! That girl has some huge…
CAKES! I love cakes!
Holy crap! Those girls have big…
BOOTIES! These would be perfect for grand kid, Luca.
Look at that gigantic…
ASS…tronomical. A…S… can you say that in a sentence please?
Yes, astronomical. That girl has an astronomical…
BUTT! You get what I’m trying to say.
Next is the girl that is a little too clingy.
Finally! She’s gone!
No, I’m not. I’m down here!
Number five: The girl that acts more manly than her man.
And...done! NO!!!
Number six: The girl that doesn’t understand the word…
So basically that means we’re getting married!
Because we’ve been engaged.
And we’ve been dating No!
Because you love me. No!
Like me. No!
Care about me. No!
Kiss me? No!
Hug me! No!
Friends with benefits?
N... Does anybody have to know?
No! Yes!
Seven: The girl that says something she’s not.
So you’re telling me that you played in the WNBA,
you were president of your sorority, and went to an all-girls Catholic school.
Wait. What was your name again?
I mean Jennifer.
Eight: The girl that has faked everything.
Fake height
Fake jewelry
Fake hair
And most importantly, fake…
Wait! Were you gonna say my boobs?
No! I just gonna say fake shirt
Nine: That girl that’s a little bit too jealous.
Who’s that girl in this picture?
That’s my mom!
Who’s that girl in this picture?
That’s my sister!
Who’s that girl in this picture?
That’s you!
And last but not the least,
number 10: The undependable girl.
The girl that claims she’s gonna be there in a certain time
but she’s always…
Wait a minute! Who are you?
My name is Trixie! Sorry I’m late.
I was busy shopping at Louis Vuitton, Couch and Forever 29.
But! But don’t worry, I got the cutest little short
You know the shorts that show off your…
BUTT! But yes! No but!
Stop! You’re not the girl I’ve been texting.
Am too!
I’ve been texting someone’s picture and she looks like this!
Oh sorry! I got a 10.
What?! So where are we going?Where are you taking me?
Oh, I can’t actually go anywhere because I can’t leave because ahh…
Ahh, it’s because of that ankle mother you have on?
Is that your girlfriend? No!
Because I am?
Because you want me to be. No! I want you to go!
But what about our date? No!
We can wrestle. No! Play football? No!
Play swords! No! I want you to go home!
But, but!
You jerk!
You mean like this?
Hey, pretty lady!
Who’s there?
It’s me, Jennifer.
Ah, I mean, Jonathan.
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10 GIRLS Guys Should AVOID!

9306 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on March 6, 2014
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