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  • be your wife, is I?

  • It's a sad time right now because things change.

  • This song goes out to anyone that's ever played Call of duty, part of warfare, too.

  • I remember the day that I got this game open the wrapper and put it in a tree.

  • Spent all night learning had a drop shot First call of duty game I ever bought.

  • Now I'm in love with C O D Words can't express what it means to me.

  • Ever since the first time I called it a tactical.

  • I've loved a lot of Worf it, too.

  • It used to be a hater and a hypocrite told trash on the game, but I never hated little.

  • Do they know the fun I would have using the signing story in this bag soon.

  • Black ops is coming now.

  • I'll be buying it without it out, but I don't think I could trade you Ugo every time.

  • No way.

  • It's kind of hard with you, not around.

  • Every once in a while.

  • I'll take you out for a few clicks, goes on high rises.

  • Nice not to be killed by them guys.

  • Prospectors a Rhodes explode get nine kills golden up a blow you need for the attack Dogs Childbirth Gunner is super strong.

  • 25 kills self friends and I've been missing your model to feeling I get in an A C 1 30 AM Invincible.

be your wife, is I?

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