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Hello, my name is David Grossman
and I play the bass in the New York Philharmonic.
Growing up in New York City
meant I had the best of the best
in terms of the arts and exposure to the arts.
And further, being born into an artistic family, we were always surrounded by the arts.
My father is a photographer and an opera singer, and my mom was also a great musician, so there
certainly have been huge artistic influences on me.
Piano was actually my first instrument, but
I was drawn to the bass because it's the foundation,
and it's also very versatile.
I was very into the piano and,
I was encouraged to try the bass because
bass is more social.
You're always alone as a pianist, and [with] the bass you have more opportunity to play in different groups,
jazz or classical.
Certainly the bass is very challenging on a number of different levels.
We have quite a lot of distance to travel up and down the instrument compared to a violin.
Also, certainly traveling with the bass itself is quite a challenge at times.
I started playing jazz when I was 12.
I was drawn to the feel of the music, the rhythmic feel.
As Duke Ellington said, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."
I've done two recordings under my name.
They're called "The Bass of Both Worlds."
One is classical, one is jazz.
The classical one is all transcriptions mostly that I've done for pieces originally for other
instruments that I've decided to transcribe for the bass.
My jazz record — also under that name — is, I had a great time recording it.
It's mostly originals I wrote for my jazz sextet.
I love yoga.
I'm an avid practitioner.
I go most days, if I can.
I'm very drawn to philosophy.
I study philosophy.
And I enjoy bike riding.
And I play the piano still, and I compose, and oh yeah, and I play jazz.
So I'm pretty busy.
I teach quite a bit.
I teach at the Manhattan School of Music, and next year will be teaching also at Mannes.
There have been so many great weeks here.
One thing that comes to mind is when Maazel would conduct "Petrushka" and toward the
end he would kind of parody or act the part
of the puppet, which was amazing to me because
the audience couldn't see that it was just for us.
That was a great moment and I got chills watching him do that ending as such.
What I love about performing in the Philharmonic is being surrounded by my colleagues,
who are the most incredibly talented musicians I've ever had the privilege of playing with.
They're constantly inspiring me to keep practicing, get better, understand more about music, and
I learn a lot from my colleagues.
Orin O'Brien has been and continues to be a wonderful mentor,
and she's just an inspiration
not only to me but to so many generations of bass players.
It's been a privilege to study with her and an extra privilege to sit alongside her in
the bass section.
It's a student's dream come true.
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On the Cover: David Grossman Q & A

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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