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This is Keith Miley, and he is a master Carver.
So he's gonna explain to us some of the things that he carves M does.
I brought a quiet dagger.
This is a quiet dagger.
Something like this that make Martin and my cart there.
These are one of the five things that I make.
I also brought some blanks.
A lot.
So this is what it starts us.
It starts up in court and itself is about $80 a board.
Very bright.
Yes, it has.
This dagger made from Marlon Bill.
Oh, looks like wood.
But it's an old piece, right?
Very sharp shooting.
Very typically are Very sharp tip left all the rest.
So when it was used, left a very rough cut share, Which doesn't?
Hell, yeah.
Uh, courted years, actually.
From the island of Santo home.
This is made by a little So we've been very fortunate and pieces Very fine.
Yes, I could make it beautiful.
And I like you, right?
Time Warner, for safety, protection, carryover prosperity.
Live long and prosper.
Or rank primarily.
Shells air Morita of our island.
So they're Morita.
Lolita sounds kind of poetic, but that's what the are from White knight from way nearthe freebase cocaine.
This is for what?
So that you h e Okay.
We're talking about fishing.
No bar, uh, shiny for booth shortages, According to him.
Okay, my head, which is perfect.
That was okay.
Kept Halima.
These air developed into time of King David Kalakaua for his secret society called Holly.
Now, okay, I'm gonna assume it would be something shit up ways as a weapon.
This is how they way.
But these are not weapons.
These were from King David Kalakaua, Secret Society.
What he did was he gathered all the heads of you.
They were.
They knew me because he's been in the booth.
Much is known.
Except these air funding.
Every man's probably These are from the hokey or two cutters.
Tube is actually tiger shark.
Very sure you could perform surgery with sure.
These air rare woods of significance of the whole Some of these were that early pieces at the cook boy is returned to England.
Courts could never made a banking thes.
Pieces made it back.
Like them.
So what type of What is it, Mom?
Okay, this is my money.
And this is you?
Very rare.
I was gonna say maybe high living trees live.
You know, it's sad because we have two seats, right?
Propagated train.
The debate is where a plan.
00 right.
Yeah, that's all it is.
Pretty much what it run.
All right, well, I want to thank you for your time.
I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
All right, take care.
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Master Wood Carver Keith Maile

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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