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Jimbo, your nose is smoking.
That means you have a letter for us.
Hello, Jimbo.
What's going on?
I am hiding.
Oh, Reggie, Have you seen Jimbo?
I can't find him anywhere.
Used to be right here and now.
All I see is a Rh.
This is crazy.
How we gonna get our mail without Jimbo?
Here I am.
Oh, I tricked you.
Wow, I am so good at hiding.
Now let's taste this letter.
It's from whales.
A whale sent us a letter.
Is it wet?
No, No, you're right.
There is a big fish called a whale.
But there is also a place named whales.
It has a flag with a red dragon on it.
It looks like he wants to give me a high five.
Let's read the letter to Zach, Lulu and Reggie.
My name is Lola.
I am four years old.
I live in a small town in Wales United Kingdom.
I love watching your videos.
My favorite videos are the Purple Song, The Pink Song and the Shape song.
My favorite film is Marijuana.
What is your favorite film, Lulu?
I chose to use these stamps.
So you feel like a Princess Zach and Reggie.
I thought you would like these bugs.
Stamps from Lola.
Thanks for the letter.
Watching a movie is so much fun.
Sometimes we watch a movie of the theaters and sometimes we watch a movie at home and Mama makes us delicious popcorn.
It always gets in my teeth.
Our favorite movie is called Song of the Sea.
It's a cartoon movie from Ireland about a boy who sister magically turns into a seal.
Look, our friend Mr Toodle Doodle made us a figure of the little girl named Sasha, and she's wearing her seal skin.
I like that.
The movie.
How to train your dragon mailbox.
What's your favorite movie?
Kids, get your parents or teacher to help you write a re a letter on paper and mail it to us.
Ask us a question or share drawing with us.
And we might answer it in a mailbox video or on our instagram account at pancake manner.
Hey, where did Jimbo go?
He must be hiding again.
No, I'm right here.
Would you like to watch another pen?
Take manner.
Choose one.
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Jimbo’s Favorite Movie | Mailbox with Jimbo | Pancake Manor

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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