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The only time I've ever played Quiet City, by Aaron Copeland, is with my sister, who is an oboe player and also in English.
One player and I remember we put on a surprise recital for my parents, our parents 30th wedding anniversary.
That's always been one of my mom's favorite pieces on dhe when the piano, we played it with piano.
But when the piano started, she immediately knew what it was, and I looked over and she was just sobbing.
The dialogue between the trumpet and the English Warren is beautiful.
It's kind of an odd pairing.
You wouldn't necessarily think that that would work, but theme colors are kind of meld and meshed together in ways that are very new and interesting.
We've done a couple of pieces with with Women and the dozen Lincoln Center guys, and it's always really interesting to see how we work together to find a common style.
And I think winning is really good at that because he's such a great crossover artists.
He's had a wonderful class for music career recording artists on.
Now he's the king of the jazz world.
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Ethan Bensdorf on "Quiet City" and Wynton Marsalis

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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