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Welcome to show me the curry dot com I'm Hittle Amon USIA And today we're gonna show you how to make potato masala.
For those are yummy amedo sons.
So this is the stuffing the arlo with potatoes stuffing that goes in your toes as you know, just fabulous and makes them a solid.
It's a very simple recipe.
Let's get started.
So for this recipe of using a pound and 1/2 of potatoes on, they have bean boiled well and peeled, and I'm just gonna roughly chop them because they're still hot, as you can see steaming and I don't want to touch them in their super hot.
And we're using red potatoes today, but you can use Idaho or russet potatoes any potato you like, And we also have two tablespoons of oil heating up on our pan back there and gonna go to that right now, so the oil is hot.
We're gonna add half a teaspoon of mustard seeds.
Beautiful lytham crackle, one teaspoon off China doll.
Just give it a 32nd head start and one teaspoon off or a doll.
18 teaspoon hoping quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder.
A few curry but minced ginger one tablespoon green tea leaves to taste, chopped Just cook it for just about 30 seconds and you're gonna add in half a medium chopped onion.
What you're gonna do is we're gonna cook the onions so their translucent.
So they just about a minute or so and you're gonna now add in one cup of water, and we're also gonna add salt to taste, cover it and allowed the water to come to a boil.
The water is boiling well, and at this point you can take the potatoes roughly matched them with your hands.
And some people like chunky your stuff so you can leave bigger pieces.
But some people just before a smooth based and either way choice is yours.
We're gonna leave a little bit.
Chunk majority of it should be smooth.
You're also going to add in chopped cilantro, chopped about five sprigs of cilantro and give it a mix.
Now, at this point, it's entirely up to you.
How thick you want your masala to be.
If you wanted to really, really stiff can cook it a little bit longer.
Some people like it a little more watery, so but also to keep in mind.
It is potatoes.
They are going to take in a little bit more off the water so they will become thicker.
You can also try it.
And it just your salt if you need.
At this point, potato stuffing is ready.
Now, we just need to make some dill sauce.
Yes, that's next on the agenda.
But Mrs first try.
Mmm mmm.
It's got just the right amount of flavor to give that masala dosa kick, right?
And I think I love the fact that you can sue.
Taste The onions is onions to ladder.
Little crunchy, but they cooked.
And you know that softness of the potatoes, the onions just tastes so good.
Daniels and the dolls also give a wonderful little texture to the smooth potatoes.
So watch out for those are video.
Next Because you've made potatoes, you gotta go says and join us again.
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Potato Masala (for Masala Dosa) Recipe | Show Me The Curry

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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