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  • Hi everybody! Today's recipe is dakgalbi. Spicy grilled

  • chicken and vegetables. In Korea, city of Chuncheon is very famous

  • for Dakgalbi. That's why call this also Chuncheon Dakgalbi.

  • Let's start! I'm going to use chicken drumsticks, but if

  • you like chicken breast, it works well. Cut this until you contact the bone. And on

  • the left side, like this. And right side...

  • And then you can see lift this bone and insert your tip of knife like this.

  • See? Done!

  • Easy easy! Very quickly you can debone! And also bones,

  • boil this. Lot of water and long time and then it's going to be a good stock you can

  • make it. And also, if you don't like the skin, just

  • remove this way. And nice big chunk of meat.

  • This one is already I measured one pound. And then I'm going to cut into small pieces

  • bite-sized. Let's season this with one tablespoon soy

  • sauce. And half teaspoon ground black pepper.

  • And mix this. I'm going to keep this in the refrigerator.

  • And now we are going to make seasoning sauce! First garlic! Lots of garlic! You can use

  • a dozen of garlic, but I will use today ten. Ten garlic cloves. And this, one tablespoon

  • amount ginger. Quarter cup gochujang. Hot pepper paste!

  • This is one third cup. One third cup, probably you guys are: "Ooh! too spicy!"

  • But actually Korean hot pepper flakes this one is I also use mild hot pepper flakes.

  • Color should be the really red color. It makes it really appetizing.

  • So one third cup hot pepper flakes. Two tablespoons soy sauce.

  • And then one teaspoon kosher salt. This is "mirim." So sometimes I use this.

  • Mirim is cooking wine. You can get this at a Korean grocery store.

  • If you don't have mirim, just use water and a little one teaspoon sugar, and mix together.

  • Done! I did one minute. Wow, good consistency!

  • I just all pre-washed this vegetables, colorful, and also rice cake. And also this is Korean

  • sweet potato, but you can use any type of sweet potato, too.

  • This is a special grill, and it's for dakgalbi! I bought this in LA, in a Korean restaurant

  • supply store, and once I found this I was so happy! Excited!

  • "Oh my God, I should do dakgalbi video!" Don't worry if you don't have this, you can

  • get any pan - frying pan, or wide shallow skillet, you can use this.

  • I'm going to use one pound cabbage. Remove the core like this...

  • Large chunks. It looks really a large amount, but when it's

  • cooked, really shrunk. Medium sized onion.

  • One or two green chili peppers. This pepper is really big, so I'm using one.

  • And then rice cake. This is around one cup.

  • Bite size! Mmmm!

  • When I was young, I used to eat sweet potato as a snack. Especially winter time, so delicious!

  • We need this guy! This is - dakgalbi, without this, I cannot

  • make this. This is perilla leaves.

  • It's a necessary ingredient! When I was in living in Toronto, I used to

  • go my favorite dakgalbi place. Ohhhh! What is like the makes this dakgalbi special?

  • This is. You know, perilla leaves.

  • What do you expect I put this in the center? Tell me! [laughs]

  • I know that you guys got the answer! I will bring from my refrigerator.

  • Let's cook! Usually we cook this at the table, and then

  • we just waiting, until they cook and then of course we talk and eat other appetizers.

  • And then meanwhile it's going to be cooked. I'm going to lower the heat and then cover

  • this. So let's see.

  • Wow! Sizzling sizzling! When the potato is cooked, that means that

  • you can start eating. Rice cake. This is "ddeokbokki!"

  • Mmmm. So let's taste chicken.

  • Soft, tender, oh so juicy! Leftover sauce, always we Koreans finish our

  • meal with rice. I'm going to show you how to do our finale

  • with rice! If you don't have kimchi, nevermind. It will

  • still turn out delicious. And put it here.

  • Pretend that we are eating at the table and then all this delicious thing is gone but

  • still we are excited about some "bokkeumbap." This sauce plus kimchi it will make really

  • bokkeumbap tasty. Roast both sides like this.

  • The bowls, individual bowls. Today we made dakgalbi, spicy grilled chicken

  • and vegetables. What a satisfying meal!

  • So you guys make this dakgalbi and share with your family and friends and it will make a

  • wonderful wonderful party! Enjoy my recipe see you next time, bye!

Hi everybody! Today's recipe is dakgalbi. Spicy grilled

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Spicy grilled chicken and vegetables (Dakgalbi: 닭갈비)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/25
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