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we go, baby.
Go, baby!
Time to get number 17 Our time now.
Don't lose to saving assist.
The student has surpassed the teacher.
Oh, that.
Come in down.
Track me mushy.
They're ready.
Let's go, baby Interception for that ball man National championship And we go 30 The best store All star way.
Just have one good kicker.
That's all the master for I don't know what Jalen is doing.
We can't move the ball down the field.
Here we go.
We're on the board, You get in the student section Taco Bell gave 560 school I was a student having alumni section catch Riley's outplaying his brother so far.
A whole defense can't keep settling for the field goal We go three and out of play calls.
Or the already in the red zone doing the Wildcat Easy, easy down.
Hard to beat Who's hard to be?
What are we doing?
I love Taylor.
I don't know.
How about I get embarrassed on national TV?
I don't know.
Not their fun on the land might have to put to it.
I have no turning around.
What to?
Who is this guy?
Who is this new quarterback went into a national championship game.
The second half put to a Nick stay with either crazy or a genius.
How do you pronounce that way?
Gotta answer.
We gotta answer.
He's open way.
Just go.
Oh, my God.
How's our student section?
It means live my tickets Next year.
The field go.
Gotta get touched out now.
Just field goals.
Let's go.
Let's go, dog.
That time.
Come on, let's go.
That's good.
Settle for another field goal.
I don't like that.
We're only up a touchdown.
We gotta score here.
Good friend out there and we go three to go.
No, we didn't make it.
It is making you feel goal again.
Oh, no.
Working on for a 2nd 0 my gosh.
I really love that man.
That's fine.
We'll just go down the field trip field goal in the game right now.
Seriously, Go three.
Now again.
This weaken with it.
Are they already in field goal was gonna make.
This will go like this, man.
Not like this.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Way Get a kicker.
If we had a kicker, we would not even be lost.
The toss all that you were able to get a fuel goal made you feel good.
That's fine.
Just gotta hold them to a field goal.
We know how clutch their kicker is.
Who are.
You cannot take that field 16 yards.
Let's get some yards back here sucking down.
Oh, still a great season.
Way ahead of schedule.
Hey, Bulldog just can't coach forever.
We just beat up.
We'll be back.
I'll be back in the live my section next year.
Rolled back.
I'm a grown man.
I'm getting live my student section.
Actually, I could pass for a student like a grad student.
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Bama Fans vs Georgia Fans During the National Championship Game

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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