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- Hey, Dudes!
I'm Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking
I am teaming up with Hidden Valley Ranch
to make jalapeno-ranch, slow-cooker,
baby-back ribs for game day.
These are perfect for game day, sports day,
any kind of thing where you want some
hearty appetizers that you can make ahead of time,
and they'll stay warm until your friends are
ready to eat them, plus they are delicious.
(upbeat music)
So, I've got here a rack of baby-back ribs,
a rack of baby back.
This is about two and three quarter pound.
This recipe works with anywhere between
two and a half to three pounds of baby-back ribs.
So, this is so simple.
I mean, guys, I've just got a package of
Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing and seasoning mix here.
I'm just going to sprinkle this over the meat,
press it in, don't forget the back side.
I'm going to flip it.
The majority of it I'm putting on the meat side though,
because that's the part we're going to eat.
We're going to eat the meat.
Good, and then to get this to fit into my slow-cooker,
I'm just going to cut it in about half.
It's kind of easier to see where to cut
between the ribs if you flip it over
and cut from the back.
Put them upright, leaning against each other
with the bone side in and the meat side out,
and to me this give you sort of a better
crust on the outside.
We're just going to cut this into slices,
and then kind of press them into the meat,
and they'll stick, and then as this cooks,
the seasoning mix kind of makes a crust,
and the jalapenos like cook into the meat,
so that when you're done you have these
delicious, tender pork ribs with occasional
little spicy bites of jalapeno.
It's really, really tasty.
Once your jalapenos are stuck on there,
we're just going to close the lid
and cook it on high
for about three hours.
It takes three hours in my slow-cooker.
It might take up to three and a half
depending on your model,
your slow cooker,
but I'll see you back in about three hours.
Okey dokey smokey, it has been three hours,
so we can turn the slow cooker off,
so the ribs you can see are really tender.
I'm able to bend them easily,
but they're not falling off the bone.
I feel like people use that phrase a lot,
but that is actually a little bit overcooked.
Put it on a baking sheet.
Of course, you could eat them right now.
They smell amazing,
but I'm going to put them under the broiler
for a few minutes just to get a little bit
of a brown crusty on them.
Just get a little bit of these juices,
and pour it over the top before we broil.
(jazzy music)
Okay, so just five minutes in the broiler
is all it takes, and they've got this nice
little crust on top.
I love this recipe because if you're like me,
and you don't really like sweet meat,
and barbeque sauce, sweet sauces,
this is a great alternative to
typical barbeque ribs because it's just savory
and meaty, and it's not sticky,
so it's a little bit neater to eat in your living room
in front of the TV.
Oh my God.
These are so,
so incredibly perfect, simple.
Once in a while you get that nice
bite of jalapeno pepper in there,
just to perk you up, make sure you're still
awake after all those beers you drank.
For more party and game day recipes
head on over to Hiddenvally.com/recipe,
and as always, all of my recipes are
available at Hilahcooking.com.
Thanks so much for watching,
and I hope ya'll have a great game day!
(jazzy music)
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3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Ribs | Hilah Cooking

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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