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Here we go, baby.
Detroit's out.
Thank you.
Cincinnati books are gonna be and the saints meet the fact we just need to win out.
I had the Falcon Clues next week.
We can do that, Zeke Might go for 400 we go three.
Why do we always received the book?
Charlie was a split second away from second.
Russell will got him.
That time was that I run Smith.
This dang that was a hard hit on Dad.
He went down.
You gotta hit harder than that.
Terrace Warren's couple first down.
Protect that.
Better ice pot coverage.
Byron Jones is good to see.
Seat back that man.
What a sight Want easy.
That's what we were missing.
They're really showing teams T m z off here in the first quarter.
Seeks out.
Paid for 200 yard.
I'm just saying we're only gonna get a fuel.
Go out of this.
Bailey, are you okay?
Feed him.
Rock stars down.
Option act is getting lit off.
Get a targeting black bag.
Why would you not?
Even in the plane I was 30 17 past.
Not gonna go for the first down.
Dan Bailey, automatic hit the gold balls on purpose.
Out points does mad about.
We're winning 20 yards at Wright Field Position.
Sportsmanlike conduct was that.
Cut him.
Wilbur can be doing stuff like that.
Get him.
Get this out of the game.
We have a minute crying for the ball the whole game.
And then you do that.
Why do we have one on one with Jimmy Graham?
Stupid man.
It's humongous.
Course we gotta score.
That's on you days.
That's not you.
Shut the heck up.
Trying to support, perhaps run that nice run.
Jason couldn't stay in bounds.
That's fine.
Sam Baily automatic for three.
He doesn't mean I love great.
Siri's defense.
You're ready.
Stop holding.
Get rid of it.
Were you throwing it to How are we losing right now?
And he got in the kettle.
Why are we even passing the ball?
So why we just talk in the third quarter?
There's no explanation to get rid of the ball faster.
Day back, please.
We got Dan Bailey, Dan Bailey Automat for four.
Bailey's the MVP of this game.
Sean Lee is a big We needed that three.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
No words for dance right now.
Let it go, right single handedly Trying to win the game for the Seahawks should cost that.
It touches your hands.
You're supposed to catch the ball back has been off the whole game.
Third down defense.
So they just hold Taco.
Play it.
How do you not all that ran?
We just grabbed the guy's face mass twice.
Birthday on offense.
Passing affairs.
Noah Proud.
Let's go that way.
Gold jacket wet second and go, baby, Why aren't we running the ball way?
Have fire, Scotland!
Now we gotta get your field goal.
Oh, my gosh.
Seeing seeing its second and go run the bomb.
That's the season.
That's how we're gonna go out You want to call holding?
Thanks, Wraps.
And they got a first down.
We're challenging You got the ball.
We're driving.
I like this.
Bring on Bailey with a minute left and he misses again.
I'm not watching him.
Or football.
I'm not watching any more.
Football is gonna be the worst Christmas of my life.
Everyone find everyone while we run the ball of the two, nor line I gotta go out What are you doing on dead?
Dad was on the coach.
How much dark matter Christmas.
Now be happy I'm done.
I'm a grown man.
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How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the Seahawks Game

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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