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- Hey dudes, I'm Hilah,
and today on Hilah Cooking we're making
super fudgey, extra dense, extra chocolatey
five nut brownies.
You can use any nuts that you want,
but I'll show you the kind of nuts that I like.
(upbeat music)
What makes these brownies so super fudgey
and chocolatey is that we're using
unsweetened baking chocolate instead of cocoa.
I've got a cocoa brownies recipe also
that I did a video for a while back,
and I love that recipe because I always have
cocoa on hand and I don't always have baking chocolate,
but it does make a much richer brownie.
So I've got butter and baking chocolate here,
I'm gonna put this in the microwave just for
maybe 30 seconds, give it a stir, and another
couple seconds until it's almost all melted together.
I'm gonna stop here.
The butter's all melted, most of the chocolate is melted.
I think it's warm enough that if I just leave it
sitting there, it'll melt by the time I'm ready for it.
So in my mixing bowl now I'm gonna put some eggs,
and most brownie recipes too, you can do them by hand,
and you could do this one by hand
if you don't have a mixer, but I think you do end up
with a better result if you really really get the egg
and the sugar emulsified.
So get these mixed up a little bit,
and then I'm gonna gradually add the sugar
while it's mixing, and we're gonna let that mix
on medium heat,
I always do that.
On medium speed for probably a couple of minutes
until it's really nice and fluffy,
and you'll see what it looks like at the end.
So this is what you're looking for.
I guess I've seen recipes call this
looking a little bit ribboney, but see
it's got a lot of volume in there,
and the sugar is pretty much dissolved.
So now we're gonna add in the melty
butter and chocolate mixture.
I'm gonna put it on low speed.
Once that's all mixed in, we can add vanilla.
My dad taught me this trick when I was a kid,
that the cap of a vanilla jar is about half a teaspoon,
so I just always do that.
I have no idea if they've changed the cap size
since I was a kid.
It probably varies by brand too, but hey,
close enough right?
The original recipe I got for these was from my grandma,
and she added baking powder or baking soda,
I can't remember now.
But I leave that out because I like a really dense
fudgey brownie instead of a cake type brownie.
But you can add some if you want to,
but I really recommend it this way.
Sorry, Grandma.
So it's almost all mixed up.
I'm gonna scrape this off,
and then I'm gonna finish mixing in the nuts by hand.
I'm gonna handle these nuts.
So I am using roasted salted nuts.
There's no other salt in the recipe,
so don't be weirded out by it.
It's really, really good.
I'm using almonds, macadamia nuts, peanuts,
cashews, and filberts, which is another name for hazelnut.
My mom always called them filberts, I don't know.
You could totally buy a can of mixed nuts
and just chop them up.
Just dump in.
Be bold. (giggling)
And then as we mix in the nuts,
we'll finish mixing in the flour too.
Looks good.
Then just spread it into a greased pan here.
So now we're gonna bake this for about 25 minutes.
When you take it out, the top should be
really really shiny, but the middle, the center part
should still maybe look a tiny bit underdone,
just 'cause you don't want to overcook these
and end up with dry brownies, ugh.
Then we're gonna let them cool for at least 10 minutes
before you try slicing into them, please.
You'll thank me.
This has been cooling for 10 minutes.
You can let it cool longer, but I would say
10 is the minimum.
But I just can't hardly wait cause I love some
fudgey nut brownies.
You can get this recipe with all the measurements
on my website HilahCooking.com as always,
and I will put the link in the description box.
But for real, let's get a little nugget of this out of here.
A lot of people like the edges or the middle.
I like both.
So here we go, wow.
That is a perfectly fudgey delicious brownie.
All right. (humming)
I have to say that the brownie song
may be my worst song yet.
Thank you so much for watching.
I hope you make these this weekend.
If you do, take a picture,
tag me on Instagram or Twitter.
I love to see what you make.
Don't forget to subscribe, and I will see you next week.
(up beat music)
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How to Make Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Nuts | Hilah Cooking

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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