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- [Natasha] Hey, everyone!
It's Natasha of NatashasKitchen.com.
We partnered with Tabasco to make
the ultimate brunch sandwich.
That crisp bun, sausage,
with melty cheese and guacamole.
This sandwich is brunch done right.
We'll start with the spicy guacamole.
Peel and pit one ripe avocado.
Then, transfer it to a medium bowl
and coarsely mash it with a fork.
(upbeat jazzy music)
Finally, dice about three tablespoons of red onion
and add it to the mixing bowl.
Next, we're gonna make a quick spicy mayo.
So, give your Tabasco sauce a shake
and stir together one tablespoon of mayo
with about half a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce
and add it to the guacamole.
It adds amazing flavor, creaminess, and a hint of spice.
Season with about a quarter teaspoon of salt
or add it to taste.
Now let's make the sausage patties
which are so easy!
In a medium bowl,
combine half a pound of ground pork,
one pressed garlic clove,
half a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce,
half a teaspoon of salt,
and a pinch of black pepper.
Mix that together with your hands.
Then divide the mixture in half
to form two patties,
making each one about a quarter inch thick.
Place a large pan over medium high heat.
Lightly butter the cut side of each bun
and toast just on one side until golden brown.
Set those aside
and in the same skillet over medium high heat,
we're going to cook the sausages.
Saute for about two minutes on the first side,
or until browned,
then flip the sausages over and top each
with two slices of Colby Jack cheese.
Cook another two minutes,
then cover the pan to keep the cheese melted
and remove it from the heat.
And, last but not least,
let's make the fluffy scrambled eggs.
In a medium bowl,
beat together two larges eggs.
Place a medium non-stick pan over medium heat
and add a dab of butter.
Once the butter is sizzling,
add the scrambled eggs to the pan
and push them around with your spatula.
This helps the eggs to cook more evenly.
Now, let them sit undisturbed
until it's nearly cooked through.
Fold the egg in half and in half again
and take it off the heat.
That's all there's to it
and it's time to assemble the sandwiches.
Oo, I am so excited to put these together!
We've got that cheesy sausage
and fluffy egg, of course.
We've got all the best ingredients in one sandwich, here.
And, of course, lots of guacamole
because this is good.
Guacamole makes it a little bit messy
but (laughs)
it's worth it!
So yummy!
And if you like a little more heat,
add a bit more Tabasco to the sandwich.
I like to serve these with Tabasco.
Look at that! (laughs)
Oh, man!
I have to get this in my mouth some how! (laughs)
Here we go.
I'll be brave.
This is good!
And you've got that juice,
cheesy sausage that's perfectly flavored.
You can taste the little bit of Tabasco in there.
You know Tabasco only has three ingredients?
But it goes so well with sausage, avocado, eggs.
It is perfect in this sandwich.
And you've got those fluffy eggs,
loads of guacamole.
This is so delicious! (laughs)
I'm gonna enjoy this very much.
I'd pass some to you, if I could.
No, I wouldn't! (laughs)
Sorry, guys.
If you enjoy this video,
give me a great big thumbs up below.
Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
and thanks for joining me in my kitchen.
A big thank-you to our friends
at Tabasco for sponsoring this yummy recipe.
If you like a little spice in your life,
the recipes right over there will give you just that.
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How To Make Tasty Guacamole Brunch Sandwich - Natasha's Kitchen

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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