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Hey, what is going on, guys?
So say I'm very excited to be taking a look here at the Death Army Kids from the HD Future Century line.
These are, of course, from the G Gundam Siri's Do you got a pretty polarizing serious.
Personally, I like the Siri's a lot.
I think it's a lot of fun.
Of course, it's not very serious.
It's goofy, but it's it's enjoyable.
I had the old like figure, you know, backward.
Like when this shows we're on to NAMI.
Back in the States they sold like the Gundam plastic figures.
The toys at stores have this one.
I liked it a lot, and I had, like, the deluxe version as well, which is like the four legged version of that.
Hopefully we're getting that as a P Bandai kid or something later on.
Hopefully mean, of course it would be a standard release, but honestly, of course, will probably be a peep.
And I am looking forward to that version as well.
But for now we just have this one and it's continuing.
Ben dies trend of making these alternate universe grown suits like we had to Leo and then the Maga knock.
And now we have the death army.
So these kids are all have all been a lot of fun, very simple, very cheap, and I think really nice.
So just here for the boxer, I just have the death army.
Well, sit there prominently in the center.
And then, of course, the army behind him with flames, everything the background really cool scene there from the enemy.
And I guess if you're a fan of the enemy in the H.
Linus is number 230 then over here on the bottom of the box, we got just a front and back view of it.
There doesn't really have any back back, but you can see it's got the plug holes there, which looks like it should be able Thio take any, like of the normal backpack adapters we've got with a lot of modern H gs and a lot of option parts and things like that, and then probably will plug the legs onto, therefore again for the four legged version of this.
And we have action.
Of course, it can pose pretty well.
Build it down here, says maintains both an easy assembly and high quality.
Yes, So again, just keeping in line with the other kids so far, like the Leo in the market.
Knock it can hold the rifle in the club form as well says as a special gripping hand for that, and then, for the eyes of the head sensor can be chosen from two types you can choose.
I'm not sure what the difference is between those two types of them.
I'll have to check, but there's two different types of big and small.
I got a couple more action poses here using that and then says the leg transformation gimmick can be recreated so you can fold up the legs like that, which is what you will need for the four legged version.
But I'm not sure what the point of that is.
If you don't have the bottom half of the four legs so way anyway, Uh, obviously, I would assume that it could do that anyway.
All right, then, over here on the other side, just the information there about that in Japanese and English.
Another image here, I'm guessing that's probably like the background image of what we got there in the front work similar to that anyway.
And no list price here for this on the box.
But the list price is 1200 yen for this.
So yeah, again.
Pretty basic price for these type of kids we've had out so far for the stickers.
Looks like we've only got two there for the eyes.
And that is gonna be it.
So very light on the stickers.
Hopefully that eyepiece is actually has the molded circle detail in it.
And it's not just perfectly flat, like the origins Aku kits, but we'll have to see in a moment here.
First off, the manual is in this, like, kind of smaller, simple style of manual, not the full size we normally go.
The H tickets, little bit smaller.
So interesting.
You got a nice big reference for image of the kids.
They're on the front stats over here on the science says the army is the club shaped beam rifle.
So now they go way to just combine everything in one.
There was one name on the back side again.
Just some action poses some information up here, in English and in Japanese.
They can check that out if you want, and then over here, the club shaped beam rifles in our information about that sorry information down here once again about Newman Cashew and Rain in neo Shinjuku city.
Just, I guess when they're first fighting the death army there.
And that's what Master Asia shows up classic scene and then the color guided down here in Japanese and in English as well as always.
Guys big thank you to us again in store for their support in sponsoring this video.
If you want to check out this kid's, I mean, it's already cheap, but you'll save yourself 10% Maur off this and everything else there on their side.
If you check the link in the video description down below, check that out Things so much.
The coupon code for the discount code is there as well.
So let's check out the parts list.
Here we can see it.
Just a B B one B two C one see two very simple there and then a couple of Polly caps.
Just the PC ball joint, Polly Capsule again, like with Leo, leave just only had those as well right from memory.
Quickly on then.
Over here we got just the construction very simple body, head, arms, arms, legs and then waste.
I'm assuming this is gonna take pretty much no time at all to put together.
But the color separation on this looks nice.
You see, like parts like this.
The red part there for the front of the crotch could have very easily been if this wouldn't come out.
234 years ago, that probably would have been red stick around there, but nice that they're doing these new high quality grown suits.
We have some nice color separation in there.
That's how the colors are separate.
There for the red are the brown dots there on the shoulders as well.
So very nice.
The club, of course.
Just a couple of simple parts there.
Nothing too much.
And that just fits into the hand.
And then we are able to fold up the feet so it looks like we're parts forming the feats.
You gotta just get to swap those feet for the folded up back diversion.
But again, I'm not sure what the point of that is without the legs going on the bottom.
But it's showing that you can do that for the transformation.
I guess if you wanted to have it flying through the air as the rolled up ball.
Well, sit, I guess.
Let's check out the runners anyway.
So again, there's that foil sticker sheet.
Just the two stickers there for your options for the eyes and PC seven for our public at ball joints Here in gray, we got our four color a runner here.
We've got a couple of red parts.
They're up there, the top for the front skirt and the little spike on the top of the head.
A couple of green parts over there on the side for the cuffs around the wrist, a bunch of gray parts.
I'll throw the center for some joint parts, hand parts, the weapons parts as well, and then a couple of black parts of their over on the side as well, which has the mano I part.
And as we can see here, it's gonna be kind of hard to see cause black.
But it does have the mold of detail for the model I there.
So that is gonna make that much easier to paint.
That's good to see.
I think I got runner Be one here in that kind of tan ish yellow color here for this, It would normally be sort of an ugly color.
But I don't mind it for this guy, I think I mean, because I'm just used to it for the death army kit for the Death Army Mobile studio.
I think it looks good, eh?
So I don't really mind the color too much in this case, and then we have to be to it to the copy of this half of the runner over here.
They've got Runner see one here in brown and see to for a copy of this half of the runner here, and you can see just some of those parts and even underneath the pizza.
Nice detail for that part as well, Which looks good.
What's that?
Is it for the Death Army is gonna be a very simple, very light kit, easy to put together and a lot of fun that I think and yeah, I think it's gonna be very effective.
That's the most important thing.
Just like with the Leo and Marga knock.
Simple, easy, but very effective.
So I like this.
I can't wait to get it put together.
Thank you guys for watching If you have questions or comments, leave those dumb below, as always.
And I'll see you guys next time.
Bye bye.
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6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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