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This season, Jaap van Zweden and the New York Philharmonic
celebrate Gustav Mahler, one of the most beloved and revered
composers in classical music both at home and abroad.
The Philharmonic will invite its fellow New Yorkers
to get acquainted with the former Philharmonic music
director through Mahler's New York.
Two weeks that will present his first two
symphonies and the one night only Mahler Grooves concert
featuring Roderick Williams singing "Songs of a Wayfarer."
I think it's important to celebrate Mahler,
because he is a composer for me that
writes most about the complete human experience.
On one hand, very cerebral, and very intense,
and at the other hand incredibly flippant.
I think performing Mahler with the New York Philharmonic gives
not only me, but every conductor an incredible responsibility.
A lot of conductors came and did Mueller,
and still I think that there is a lot of DNA.
There's a great thrill for me to be connected to this composer
through this orchestra.
Other activities include a special archival exhibit
and a curated walking tour of Mahler's New York.
After celebrating the great composer-conductor at home
Jaap van Zweden and the Philharmonic
will embark on their European tour,
opening the Concertgebouw's Mahler Festival
as the first American orchestra in the festival's history.
What is so special about the tour,
I think, in this case is that, of course,
it is a unbelievable I will say, moment for us.
Mahler's New York offers insights
into the life and work of one of the Philharmonic's greatest
music directors.
It's a glance back through time at his city and his music
through the lens of today with some
of the most powerful works in the canon
performed by Mahler's orchestra.
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Mahler’s New York

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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