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time to put Florida in their player.
We go, baby was about to be an easy devices.
A close game.
Don't be.
Oh, this time we turned the page on Wimbush rollout ASEAN Book.
It's a book in the paint.
No, we do this.
We're gonna be using that time to shock the world.
Baby man gonna know what hit on reception to start the game.
You're about to have a long night and we're the only undefeated team in Texas.
Defense is Gordy.
I can't stop the way.
What about we will Obama More Gold Star Burger We're in this day and age a dealing, going Where are you doing?
The bull?
Anthony Brown.
You want bullet?
It's so easy for too long Our band playing the office seems way are the real deal You throwing the ball Fitzgerald tackle Benny's now Junior might win the Heisman.
What are we doing?
How was that touchdown foot hit the pie Lodge Want to get a first down?
About time we started playing cozy ever running Cozy Wasn't spending for the L S U game would've been a whole day.
Did they get the onside kick?
Was four of us want I don't care who we be.
A win is a win.
Anything right now.
I don't know how we want this week either.
You can come back.
If we get a couple of stop, It might be time to move on from Paul Johnson, everybody.
I love Kelly Bryant, but we gotta start.
Lord James, I appreciate all your service is.
Well, this is to us too.
You don't need a backup, so please don't go, Henry, Run!
Can't be Bama and we have this many turnover.
To what time?
This game's over.
Put Jalen get some reps.
Roll time!
Stop down!
We owe 14 points.
Way back in this rest for cheating.
I'll read over time.
Right now.
I don't know how we want this game.
Justin, What are you doing?
It was not targeting what they didn't call.
It was not hard.
Oh, we're gonna lose that.
You see, fans, the lane train have officially shut down to catch the Nebraska game.
Really innovative stuff they're doing.
We scored again by Riley's fault.
Today was a good day.
My probably set this program back 10 years.
Oh, jobs.
Caden is a base and we just throw another interception.
I love you, Kay.
How many more years do we have?
Horns, baby.
I've never seen anything this disgraceful in my life.
This is Butch Jones for her booing their own TV Plastic Tennessee football franchise leaving.
I need 24 hours.
Yes, I'm gonna pay you.
Okay, I'm gonna pay you.
Hey, Hey!
Get back.
It's great to be Florida.
We're competitive.
Go, dog.
A couple years now.
How's the record of black hole guy?
Oh, my God.
He dropped the ball.
The one your law topping the ball at the one yard line was not roughing the passer.
He barely touched him.
Cheney is garbage.
What do you mean, no good?
Field goal of God we want?
But it wasn't because of the offense.
We need a new offensive coordinator right now.
Degree did intercept.
We fumbled the part.
We lose the Texas tag, waiting for this moment a long time since elementary school.
Last time would be Oklahoma State.
Go check.
Mark Stoops has been a long time coming.
Thing is our season.
I don't want another time.
I don't know what, but you got to stop this wind starts down there.
My stupid track!
We're gonna lose toe Army!
Let's stop!
You'll go for the win, Miss Way gonna lose the Army with seven.
We can convert this close.
What's the opposite of a genius Might stoop Adam's fourth quarter.
We stop playing around now, Josh!
Josh, Get up!
We're gonna lose the Old Dominion.
We can win this day.
Way lost, Old Tonto.
Nobody talked to me for 72 hours where I'm a grown man.
D'oh, d'oh!
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College Football Fans Week 4

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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