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inaugural season, the New York Philharmonic will emphasize its commitment to today's composers with two new music.
Siri's at new venues, both hosted by Nadia Sirota.
Late night concerts curated by today's composers at Kaplan Penthouse and Sound on a new music series featuring New York Philharmonic musicians at Thehe Pel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center.
Curated by Nadia Sirota, Nightcap is a really cool opportunity to dive a little bit deeper into the minds of the composer's.
After the concert, you get to go to sort of more intimate location.
You can have a drink, you consort of talk to people, and we're gonna engage these composers and curator tze and conversation and sort of mix conversation.
Storytelling with their works and a lot of their work sound on of the Appellate Room is really a showcase for the musicians of the New York Philharmonic.
All of that programming pulls threads directly from the programming the New York Philharmonic, and one of the things that we're really going to explore is talking to the players about you know, what is the challenge of this piece?
Why is this hard?
What do you really love about this?
The Philharmonic will give five world premiere New York Philharmonic commissions, all conducted by up on Spade.
Composing for the New York Philharmonic is an incredible thrill toe.
Have access to that much talent on stage that must much acoustic power.
It's a rare gift for a composer.
This piece occupies multiple beginnings.
It's going to be the beginning of a concert.
It's gonna be the beginning of a new season, and it's also gonna be the beginning of a new 10 year for the new exfil.
Putting the weight and the support of an institution like the New York Phil behind the voice of a young female composer at the start of a new era is a very rare and profound choice.
I think your first mentioned this idea of his t have opener to an overture to Bruckner eight.
And I've actually been thinking primarily in cinematic terms in terms of old old MGM musicals that have overtures.
I'm a pianist and I'm performing Concerto repertoire and solo repertoire and chamber music repertoire and orchestral music is not always what I gravitate towards in my own time.
So I wasn't that aware of Bruckner.
It's been fun to get inside of that music is I'm not 100% sure I would have otherwise rehearsing with.
Yeah, I've done it a number of times, and so I'm just thrilled to be doing it in a different context.
In a different space.
With the Philharmonic's tradition of innovation, happens fade in, and the New York Philharmonic commit to creating a bold new future.
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New Music: New Venues

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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