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football is back with the Giants.
Lost was playing a game.
Here we go.
Nice green table on off.
Legal blocking the sit down Can Do you know what type of play calling is this?
We can't do anything we gotta contain.
Cam knew it.
Oh, what a strap on your fire coach during the game off.
Can't do anything.
Can't someone's by Cam New inlaid in Vander Exciting that you gotta catch that intercept.
How hard is it to make sure we cover?
Cam Knew Amy just studying film.
We didn't know Carolina was gonna run.
Can do it.
They teach this in.
College is easy defense.
Read the quarterback.
What is our offense doing?
Office looks trump.
Like Darwin was wide open.
You gotta make that throw.
Only is missing tackles.
What's going on?
Is Sean Lee back?
What are you doing?
I will take that vehicle.
Thank you.
Panting we've been playing keno is not that bad.
We might need to re signed it.
I don't know what we're doing That our offense looks garbage.
We need toe fire.
Scott, lend a hand.
Where's the creativity?
We've been running the same plays for the past five years.
We're only down.
That's the crazy.
We can still waiting.
Fighter Linda Hand, which had burned out there.
Could be a first, can get another first.
Our What is it, Brett?
Mayor off course he missing.
Bailey would make that we cut.
Damn, baby, you can do named Brett now.
Our defense.
Get tired.
Have been on the field the whole night on that Mr Department to score game with Randy Gregory's up concussion or removing the ball.
These are the places we need to be right.
Put back in shock on the Mississippi State.
Often use Dad's athleticism.
Way Got to go for two.
Let's go Bring this.
Now it's a game.
The whole day.
Come on, Dad.
You can't take these sacks like that Game, Jack.
We're going for it.
If it hits your hand, you have to catch it.
Come on to you, Tom.
Steven, stop it!
We got two minutes to score.
Absolutely disgusting.
I went all off season for this.
I went all offseason forgets fire, everyone.
Scotland your tracks.
Choice again.
I'm better.
That's cropping.
Getting fired.
This man the only thing that will help us.
These players get back Brett Maher Mayo?
No, I'm doing the heck are you doing?
I'm physically sick.
I am physically.
No, no, no, no.
I'm a grown man.
What did I just watch?
This is what I've been waiting for.
Oh, no.
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Cowboys Fans During the Panthers Game

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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