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  • Oh, everyone, this is Beth of cooking and crafting.

  • Today we're going to be making a little coy or which is also known as passionfruit chiffon pie U two's best for creative things.

  • It's cooking and crap thing.

  • All right, so the first thing I did was I separated my four eggs from the egg yolks and the egg white separately, and we are gonna beat these four egg yolks until they're nice.

  • So I added in 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and I'm slowly adding in, have a cup of sugar, sugar, and I have a little bit more than half of a really coy or passion fruit concentrated.

  • But we're gonna add in.

  • I want to show you this because I had a really hard time finding it.

  • We used to have them in little containers by Hawaiian sun, I thought, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

  • So I ended up finding this, which is what I just stripped some water.

  • The perfect puree of Napa Valley passion fruit concentrate.

  • It's very expensive, unfortunately, um, but there's a lot of here, so you want to make quite a few oi drinks and recipes, so I'm gonna go ahead and add that in, and we're going to mix it all and together.

  • Meanwhile, I have on my stove my pen, and we're gonna be cooking this over low heat until it's you have to stir this constantly cooked this until it is nine cent.

  • Meanwhile, we have to get our gelatin ready for it's a package of jealousy and 1/2 of a cup off.

  • No, 1/4 of a cup of water.

  • Sorry.

  • Cold water.

  • We're going to, um, mix that together.

  • I'll do that off screen.

  • I guess I am sorry about a teaspoon or so off grated lemon zest we're gonna add.

  • Don't forget to stir often.

  • You are cooking eggs so you don't want to cooked them.

  • If you could smell this.

  • Oh, it's so good.

  • Okay, so I wanna mix being 1/4 cup of cold water in with the gelatin.

  • I already pre baked my high crust.

  • So you want to go ahead and do that?

  • You can get a store purchased, one like I did, or you can make your own.

  • You just want to make sure that the crust is fully cooked because this isn't going to go into the oven.

  • after this, this stuff is just going to be added into the pipe show.

  • Okay, I won't put being You can keep it in your panic.

  • You wish.

  • I'm just need to make it in a smaller ball because this is gonna go into the refrigerator to chill.

  • So I don't want to have to find space for a whole pan.

  • We're gonna add the gelatin that we have sitting on the side here, and we're gonna add that to it.

  • Mix it up, throw that in the fridge to chill.

  • You should pick it up quite a bit with the gelatin.

  • So we are now going to beat our egg whites until they form soft.

  • I am also gonna gradually add in half a cup of sugar, all doing this shuttle to Shermeen Kohler, who asked me to do a little coy recipe.

  • Thank you.

  • Pulling You have your stiff peaks.

  • Go ahead and you're gonna add it to this yoke.

  • And quite concentrate gelatin mixture.

  • Metallurgists.

  • Throwing it out.

  • You want to chill it, but you don't want it to totally set.

  • So I think I left my name for maybe about 30 45 minutes or so So now we're just gonna go ahead and fold the egg whites in.

  • That is superb.

  • Now, if this all doesn't fit in, I'm gonna try.

  • I would suggest that you, um, Philip, as much as you can put it in the fridge, let that let it set.

  • Let this sit out and wait.

  • And then once that set, then you can add onto the top.

  • I think I'm going to be able to get this all in.

  • Go.

  • We question fun.

  • Okay.

  • Hi.

  • Thank you, Charmaine, for suggesting that I make something using Lily Coy.

  • Appreciate it.

  • This is really tasty.

  • It's very tangled.

  • So a lot of liquid flavoring to it.

  • So if you aren't a fan of, you know, tangy flavors, I would say, Cut the puree down a little bit, you know?

  • I don't know.

  • Maybe 1/4 of a cup.

  • Andi, I think you'd be really good.

  • This is delicious.

  • I hope you try it.

  • I hope you enjoy.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • Don't forget to give me a thumbs up.

  • We'll see you next time.

  • Bye.

Oh, everyone, this is Beth of cooking and crafting.

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Lilikoi Passion Fruit Chiffon Pie

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