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  • Yes, today in the neverending Pizza RC.

  • Yes, I guess it's never ending.

  • This video is part of a series in which we attempt at making the most stuff that indoors.

  • Yes, with a classic domestic oven.

  • Those toppings sauce baking, steal, no stone was left unturned.

  • Supply here, now off at the end of the video.

  • If you want to watch a specific, we take a closer look at the point we covered a while ago, which was kneading the dough.

  • So this is what happened.

  • Tape.

  • So now you get it.

  • In order for the blue team to be able to live it up nicely, the do must be needed for at least 20 minutes.

  • Otherwise you won't get nice every bubbles in the crust.

  • It's also mandatory.

  • Step is full of the reference document edited by the city only Vera Chip.

  • It's annapolitan, which is the real authority on pigs.

  • Annapolitan.

  • Oh, that's what I felt.

  • A consortium big fan of rules and B.

  • I am, Let's say, uh, lazy looking for me.

  • There has been a recent breakthrough in the kneading world and a guy called Jim Lahey, Jim Lahey, through one of the student and bakery near actually found the way, which calls for patients instead of efforts.

  • This recipe will make about 6 to 7 medium size pizza dough balls in the white container at 450 grams of water, 1.6 grams off, fresh at 200 grams off tipo 00 flour.

  • This will act as a buffer, preventing the sort to kill the beast.

  • So in goes the salt 20 grands, then the rest of the flower 430 grams.

  • If you want to go 70% wet though 70 what, 70%?

  • What what, even if it's trickier to work with.

  • I always go for dough for pizza dough with a high percentage off water, let's say like you can go from 57% up to 70% off water.

  • Why?

  • Well, it's simply because the longer pizza base in the oven and the dryness becomes, that's usually not a problem.

  • If you use a very, very hot wood fired oven in which the pizza stays, let's say about minutes.

  • But in our case, when we use classic domestic oven, pigs stays about 5 to 6 minutes.

  • That drying process becomes a problem and So that's why you wanted, though that is more wet.

  • Makes everything.

  • Then cover it tight and let it rest at room temperature for about 12 to 18 hours.

  • That's all the hard work we are gonna do today.

  • Except, of course, from a bit of ah, finger kicking action.

  • The dough is ready when the top is dotted with tiny bubbles.

  • Instead of scraping it from the container, let it four effortlessly on a flower workspace lazy.

  • I told you the feeling is amazing.

  • That dough is extremely soft and elastic.

  • And you can already tell this is gonna make a great pit, sir divided into bows and place it back in the container for at least two hours off proofing.

  • They are ready to use beautiful doubles that you can use to make outstanding pizza.

  • What?

  • So is that it?

  • I hope you enjoyed this brilliant and lazy technique because I think that it is much needed needed needed me like this video which he didn't share that crazy technique all over the Internet.

Yes, today in the neverending Pizza RC.

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