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  • Yes, against the Seven Seas attics today.

  • I am really very well.

  • In fact, I move it sick.

  • But anyway, because I'm going to my office and I'm gonna show you my new place, my new creative space.

  • So I've been looking for a place like this for like a month, and I finally found it.

  • Welcome to my space.

  • One of the main issue I had in my private space in my previous tiny but lovely kitchen, which I love so much was that I was bound to shoot in one direction and one direction.

  • Why?

  • Just because everything else was private here, It's a complete different story.

  • I can shoot in 3 16 like this because already space is dedicated to creating things.

  • You know what?

  • Let's do it earlier Fist.

  • Oh, very early office, too.

  • In this space.

  • I know you have to use lots of your imagination there.

  • This is gonna be the world off the video.

  • All the chargers, the cameras on the tripod.

  • Almost if I need to make my video is gonna be in this place mounted on the world as well.

  • This is gonna be the washing and cleaning space.

  • You see, there is lots of soap.

  • Look at this wonderful thing.

  • It's a soap dispenser, and it's gonna be mounted on the world right there.

  • They're gonna be some tiles on the world's there a few shelves here, here just for the water to drop.

  • Okay, just next to it, they're gonna be all the cooking.

  • Where all the kitchen.

  • We're like plates, dishes, knives, whatever.

  • All the stuff they put this away because it's doing nothing.

  • Then in this place is gonna be dedicated to one thing and one thing only.

  • Which is Theo Food this place without the wails?

  • Of course.

  • I'm just gonna put some cookbooks.

  • There will also be about so that I can write up.

  • Things have been written up.

  • Something's right there.

  • If you follow me on snatcher, then you already know that.

  • So, you see, one of the most interesting characteristic of this space is in fact, a bit well, I think in life when you get issues instead of fighting them, you just have to embrace that.

  • And this is my main issue.

  • Yes, there is a perfect color right in the center of evening is not gonna be very easy with this stuff.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Hello and welcome to Friendly's cooking, You see?

  • See what I mean?

  • Having my own creative space like this studio is gonna allow you to create more and most of to feel its whenever I award, which is great, you know.

  • So you know, to share more about creation process, not just on video of Medusa.

  • What's going on behind the scenes thing is also gonna be a place where I'm gonna organize some separate clams and also some cookery classes.

  • And yes, I am lying on the floor.

  • I can do whatever I want.

  • This is my office now by face.

  • So one thing that is worth mentioning is that whatever this place will be ready are nearly ready.

  • It's gonna be open to every you to bail on the planet in every huge bear, besting by Aris Cook with me, Of course.

  • Went So, guys, that's it.

  • I hope you enjoy this to my brand new fee slash studio slash food space, which I do.

  • It doesn't have any name.

  • So I'm counting on new guys to baptize this place with a good name.

  • Maybe we can use the pine.

  • Maybe we can use the problem with Theo.

  • Maybe we can just use the name with spirit.

  • Our thinking of the first independent you cheap food space.

  • But I'm not sure if you Tip agrees with that.

  • My guess, we'll see that they assume injustice.

  • Anyway, I think the journey was destroyed.

  • You like this?

  • It's not ending is just starting off course.

  • Do not forget to subscribe to the channel.

  • If you want to see the evolution off this wide studio, the niceties and now I'm feeling dizzy.

Yes, against the Seven Seas attics today.

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Setting Up MY Independent YouTube Food Space ?!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/25
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