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- How do the Eagles keep winning?
You can't count on the Redskins for nothing!
We gotta win this game!
Is Sean Lee playing?
Sean Lee's playing!
Here we go baby!
Rams getting the ball to start?
Did our new kicker really kick it out of bounds?
Not off to a great start Kai Forbath!
Should never have got rid of Dan Bailey.
Three and out let's go! (claps hands)
Holding penalty?
That's our season in a nutshell.
Are they faking the punt?
They're just trying to draw us offsides.
Are we doing the hurry up offense now?
I like it.
Oh, we're not doin' it?
What's wrong with Dak's finger?
He has a hairline fracture?
The drive stalled?
Antwaun Woods is putting in work!
The Rams are getting the ball at halftime too?
That cannot be real.
They're saying Dak didn't say defer?
What type of rule is that?
You gotta be kidding me!
Refs started cheating before the game even started!
We gotta beat the Rams and the refs!
The way Goff is throwing the ball theyʼre gonna need it.
Let's go Dak, good run!
Gotta keep 'em honest on the option.
I swore Jason Witten runs 0.3 miles per hour!
What a run Zeke, let's go!
Feed him!
Did Dak throw an interception?
Two flags on the play, offsetting penalties!
(claps hands) (whistles)
Amari Cooper what a catch!
He climbed the ladder!
Zeke another first down, here we go!
Okay Pollard, I see you on the toss!
What was Gallup doing?
Why did he stop running his route?
Dak almost threw an interception 'cause of that!
(screams) What a catch by Witten!
Christopher Jason Witten is a grown man!
He might be slow, but he's reliable!
Dak did say defer in the audio!
We better get the ball at halftime!
How is the coin flip not reviewable?
Walt Anderson needs to retire!
Sean Lee what a hit!
Sean Lee is playing!
What is our defense doing?
Did Jared Goff try to run the option?
That's not gonna work!
Third and goal.
Gurley catches it, of course!
Jeff Heath you gotta stop that!
Zeke, let's go!
They can't tackle him!
Tavon Austin's wide open!
The defenders ran into each other!
His first touchdown of the year, on his former team.
You're not running on us Gurley.
Hot Boyz are not playing around today!
Blake Jarwin we needed that catch!
Got us out of our own end zone.
Pollard speed burst!
25 yard gain!
Our o-line is abusing the Rams!
Fourth down and inches.
Go for it!
Easy first down, QB sneak.
Third down and goal.
Zeke touchdown, let's go!
What an impressive drive!
Okay defense, let's just get to the half!
Sean Lee interception! (screams)
Run that Sean Lee!
Oh, he's still going!
He's still going!
Sean Lee is a grown man!
(screams) (claps hands)
Illegal hands to the face!
That's a first down for us!
Zeke, another touchdown!
Good things happen when you feed Zeke!
So, we are getting the ball to start the half or not?
We are getting the ball to start the half.
Weʼre a third quarter team.
Zeke is feasting!
He's already over a 100 yards!
Aaron Donald hasn't been doing anything.
This game's over.
Kai Forbath coming out.
50 yard attempt.
Right down the middle.
Kobra Kai, welcome to the Dallas Cowboys!
Jeff Heath intercept that!
Sean Lee, with a sack!
Let's go Sean Lee!
Sean Patrick Lee is a grown man!
Playing like he's a rookie again!
Who is this team?
And what did they do to the Dallas Cowboys?
'Cause y'all can keep those other Cowboys!
Did the Rams just fake the punt?
They fumbled that!
We got it back!
That ball was moving, that's our ball!
The call was reversed?
Honestly, they needed it.
Todd Gurley missed a wide open catch!
Fourth down and 10.
Let's go defense!
Incomplete pass, good job Chido!
All we gotta do is run out the clock.
Play action to Zeke!
Great play calling Kellen Moore, where was this all season?
Took some time off the clock.
Kai Forbath let's see what you got.
42 yarder, right down the middle.
This is nice, this is nice.
It's nice not to feel nervous on field goal attempts.
I still can't believe Michael Irvin picked the Rams to win.
Michael Irvin needs to pick the Eagles to win next week.
What is this I'm feeling right now?
Relief, calmness, certainty?
Jourdan Lewis sack!
What a great game!
This is glorious, this is beautiful.
I expect to see Cooper Rush soon.
It might be Rush Hour!
Pollard, how did he stay up?
Tony Pollard is a grown man!
(claps hands) (laughs)
33 yard gain?
We're kicking a field goal again?
Another 42 yard field goal.
He's three for three!
Okay Kai!
This is what it feels like
to have a competent field goal kicker.
Fourth down for the Rams.
They got it, their receiver fumbled!
Who's the flag on?
We were offsides?
Wow, Michael Bennett!
Gurley scores a touchdown.
I guess it helps fantasy owners.
Gurley dropped the two point conversion!
(claps hands)
We were offsides again?
Michael Bennett, what are you doing?
We got the onside kick.
Jason Garrett was Troy Aikman's teammate?
Pollard he stayed in bounds!
(laughs) (screams)
That's the cherry on top.
Did Forbath kick the ball out of bounds again?
That's fine.
For now, for now.
Why isn't Blake Bortles in?
Goff really is still in the game?
Cooper Kupp scored.
Good job.
Too little, too late bud.
Game's over.
Landry shift it.
That's how you win a game!
That's what I'm talking about.
How 'bout them Cowboys!
I don't know what got into us,
but it needs to get into us every game!
Where have these Cowboys been the whole year?
We are undefeated since releasing Maher!
Maher could've been the problem.
I cannot wait 'til next week!
Beat the Eagles.
Win the division.
Then we got a bye week 17.
After what I saw from the Eagles today, I am not afraid.
I'm ready baby!
How 'bout them Cowboys!
(gentle violin music)
- [Scooter] I'm a grown man!
- We really are about to win the Super Bowl!
We still might need to fire Jason Garrett though.
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Cowboys Fans During the Rams Game

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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