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  • Yes.

  • Consider this is Alex, and no, yes, the Pigs Odyssey is not over yet or injustice.

  • This video is part of a series in which we attempt at making the most perfect with that indoors.

  • Yes, with a classic domestic oven.

  • Those toppings sauce baking, steal, no stone was left unturned.

  • Supply here, now off at the end of the video, if you want to watch a specific.

  • So today we make a pizza Margherita, which is one of the two most iconic and original pizza coming from Napoli in Italy alone with the pizza marina off course.

  • First off, grab a soft dobel, which should wait about 200 grams for a small sized pizza, then spread a ladle of tomato sauce sauce, a few bits of mozzarella, A nice grating of Thomas and Chief.

  • I can always great in slow bullshit.

  • Then you would have to pop about this video instead and pick some fresh basil.

  • Good to know.

  • Did you notice that the colors we have on the pizza Margherita are the color's off the Italian flag?

  • Coincidence?

  • No, I don't think so.

  • That by was invented in 18 89 by Rafael Esposito in hot off the Italian Queen Marguerite Marguerite, finisher with a drizzle of smoky olive oil.

  • And in the oven it goes.

  • Devon has been repeating on real mode for police.

  • 30 minutes.

  • With the magic baking still already in place at the end, you won't get a pizza.

  • I mean, you'll get a piece of history.

  • It's so rewarding to be able to make that by at home with a classic domestic, often arian crispy bubbles in the crust.

  • Beautiful child marks underneath, nicely chewy and dance in the center.

  • Tomato social palace inches boost human melted mozzarella makes it really decadent.

  • And finally, the Beijing leaves a distinct and delicious after ties.

  • It's against that.

  • I hope you enjoy this recipe of the pizza and see.

  • And if you did, then give the thumbs up, light it and share that beautiful pie over our new social media.

  • Also not forget suspected each other for many more delicious recipe.

  • Not on not on its eyes, all the resources you need all the links.


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