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who wore a suit made the playoffs last 61 58.
How are we undefeated?
It's still in the top 10.
Perhaps you caught the pass against Texas.
I don't know how we lost.
I was in the crowd.
They always get it together.
As soon as they play on more of a basketball, we're never gonna stop burning Couch.
I don't know why we hired Charlie.
Cynical Walls have always supported Charlie Strong.
I've told you this number when he ran for, like, 300 yards for 12 yard touch, we knew this was gonna be a rebuilding year.
Feel closer to count against Iowa State.
How do we beat TCU?
But we're still coaching.
How did that make sense?
What happened to the K State Master?
You better be glad we don't claim any more.
Colt McCoy wouldn't have gotten injured.
We wouldn't want another national championship.
Glad you're burned on the wake.
Okay, but I wouldn't want to go to school days.
Ohio State number one Nebraska.
Let the conference where they couldn't beat a sec is always overrated.
Don't see the resembles with Ryan Gosling with head coach.
Never get any credit.
How old is Bill Snyder's could be Sam Bradford's Bill Snyder son should be the next coach.
Redskins just don't know HOW to use RG three.
Snyder's son should not be the next coach.
McCoy is the best quarterback on the Redskins.
We could make the Final Four.
Just imagine that death wasn't suspended for life.
Remember when we had Pat White, Steve Slater wait every day?
It was the best running back Barry Sanders.
Don't blame the Longhorn network for all those of the team leaving.
I still have nightmares about that two point conversion of Boise State wins last time Texas A and M one national championship.
I could've gone in Texas Tech, but I already have a high school diploma.
I'm pretty sure West Virginia has more trailer homes of people.
Just wait till basketball season.
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Things Big 12 Fans Say

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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