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  • who wore a suit made the playoffs last 61 58.

  • How are we undefeated?

  • It's still in the top 10.

  • Perhaps you caught the pass against Texas.

  • I don't know how we lost.

  • I was in the crowd.

  • They always get it together.

  • As soon as they play on more of a basketball, we're never gonna stop burning Couch.

  • I don't know why we hired Charlie.

  • Cynical Walls have always supported Charlie Strong.

  • I've told you this number when he ran for, like, 300 yards for 12 yard touch, we knew this was gonna be a rebuilding year.

  • Feel closer to count against Iowa State.

  • 2011.

  • How do we beat TCU?

  • But we're still coaching.

  • How did that make sense?

  • What happened to the K State Master?

  • You better be glad we don't claim any more.

  • Colt McCoy wouldn't have gotten injured.

  • We wouldn't want another national championship.

  • Glad you're burned on the wake.

  • Okay, but I wouldn't want to go to school days.

  • Ohio State number one Nebraska.

  • Let the conference where they couldn't beat a sec is always overrated.

  • Don't see the resembles with Ryan Gosling with head coach.

  • Never get any credit.

  • How old is Bill Snyder's could be Sam Bradford's Bill Snyder son should be the next coach.

  • Redskins just don't know HOW to use RG three.

  • Snyder's son should not be the next coach.

  • McCoy is the best quarterback on the Redskins.

  • We could make the Final Four.

  • Just imagine that death wasn't suspended for life.

  • Remember when we had Pat White, Steve Slater wait every day?

  • It was the best running back Barry Sanders.

  • Don't blame the Longhorn network for all those of the team leaving.

  • I still have nightmares about that two point conversion of Boise State wins last time Texas A and M one national championship.

  • I could've gone in Texas Tech, but I already have a high school diploma.

  • I'm pretty sure West Virginia has more trailer homes of people.

  • Just wait till basketball season.

who wore a suit made the playoffs last 61 58.

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